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Floor Cracks

If your concrete slab floors resemble a web of cracks, you have an issue that requires immediate attention. 

Neglecting floor cracks puts your home’s structural integrity at risk and invites groundwater seepage. These issues create an unhealthy and unsafe environment for your family. 

Baker’s Waterproofing possesses the know-how and equipment to tackle these cracks proficiently. Safeguard your home and enjoy peace of mind with our unparalleled customer service and dependable repairs. 

The information provided here offers you a thorough insight into the causes of floor cracks and the most effective ways to address them.  

What Are Floor Cracks? 

Floor cracks refer to any gaps, fissures, or breaks in your home’s flooring. These cracks can arise from a range of factors, including imbalances in pressure and underlying structural issues. 

 Floor cracks are often accompanied by other issues, such as: 

While not every floor crack warrants immediate alarm, addressing it at the first sign is vital in preventing water damage and halting any further deterioration of your home’s structure.  

What Causes Floor Cracks? 

There are various factors that can contribute to floor cracks in your home. Our seasoned team will identify these root causes through a thorough inspection. 

Material Shrinkage 

Flooring comes in various materials, with concrete being the most prevalent. While concrete is very durable, it can undergo shrinkage during the curing process. If this shrinkage happens unevenly, it can lead to the formation of cracks. These cracks might not always have structural implications, but they can permit water seepage if not addressed correctly.  

Baker’s Waterproofing offers lasting waterproofing solutions for your basement.  

Excessive Load 

Placing heavy items like furniture or iron safes on specific types of flooring can exert excessive pressure, potentially causing cracks. It’s essential to take into account the weight-bearing capacity of your floors. 

Ground Movement 

The soil conditions beneath your home are subject to change due to factors like rain, drought, or erosion. This shifting can result in movement of the floor, subsequently leading to the formation of cracks and irregularities.  

Soil Type 

Expansive soil, particularly those with a high clay content, expand when saturated with water and contract when they dry out. These shifts can cause homes built on such soil to undergo intermittent floor cracking.  

Foundation Heave 

The buildup of water beneath your floors can apply pressure to your foundation, resulting in foundation heave which may lead to upward displacement and subsequent cracking. If this water pressure persists, it can widen these cracks over time, elevating the risk of water seeping into your home. 

Grasping the underlying cause of your floor cracks is essential for effective treatment. With Baker’s Waterproofing, you can access repair methods tailored to address your home’s specific issues.  

Can Floor Cracks Be Repaired? 

Yes, floor cracks are reparable.! Modern advancements in floor repair enable us to address specific problem areas without the need for a complete floor replacement. 

We strongly advise against attempting these repairs on your own since DIY solutions may merely conceal surface imperfections, allowing underlying issues to persist. 

For proper repairs and enduring outcomes, professional inspections and installations are crucial. 

Floor cracks exhibit a range of characteristics, including their nature, location, pattern, and size, all of which can greatly influence the necessary repair approach. This is why Baker’s Waterproofing employs a thorough inspection process to address your issue in the most appropriate manner. 

Baker’s Waterproofing Floor Crack Repair Strategy 

Our solutions are highly praised by many delighted homeowners across Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We take great pride in our unparalleled customer service, meticulous attention to detail, and efficient processes. Here’s how we approach it:  

Thorough Inspection 

Our specialists meticulously assess each crack, taking note of its location, length, pattern, and width. This thorough foundation inspection enables us to grasp the underlying factors, such as ground movement or heave and ensures that we apply the most effective treatment tailored to your home’s specific requirements. 

Weight Redistributing Solutions 

If floor instability is linked to soil movement, we turn to our specialized foundation pier solutions. These are driven deep into stable ground, redistributing weight and potentially restoring the floor to its original level. We offer three types of piers: helical, push, and slab. For instance, slab piers, as shown here, are specifically designed for homes with concrete slab foundations. 

Wall Reinforcement 

The same elements that result in floor cracks can also lead to cracks in walls. To address this, we employ basement repair techniques such as carbon fiber straps, steel I-beams, wall anchors, and channel anchors. These methods serve to fortify the walls and prevent any additional damage. 

Water Management 

It’s crucial to protect against hydrostatic pressure, heave, and moisture. Our basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation solutions includes interior drains, sump pumps, vapor barriers, and dehumidifiers, all working together to ensure water stays out of your home.  

Why Address Floor Cracks Promptly 

Don’t delay addressing floor cracks; even small fissures can escalate into significant foundation problems. There are several reasons for taking immediate action: 

  • Prompt expansion due to sustained pressure. 
  • The risk of heightened water infiltration, potentially leading to mold growth and soil erosion. 
  • Ignoring cracks may result in structural issues and sinking floors over time. 
  • Delays in treatment could escalate repair costs, especially if water damage occurs. 

Your home’s foundation is crucial to its overall stability. Pay close attention to indicators like floor cracks. Trust Baker’s Waterproofing for swift and effective solutions that surpass surface-level fixes, fortifying your home’s foundation. 

Contact Baker’s Waterproofing for Expert Floor Crack Solutions 

If you observe floor cracks in your home, it’s crucial to act promptly to mitigate the potential risks tied to structural instability and water damage. Baker’s Waterproofing provides state-of-the-art methods for repairing existing cracks and bolstering the stability of your home’s foundation. 

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary inspection and safeguard your home’s structural integrity. Choose comprehensive solutions from the reputable experts at Baker’s Waterproofing.  


Having a professional inspect and repair any floor cracks as soon as possible is the optimal course of action. The sooner you identify and address floor cracks, the easier and more budget-friendly the solution will likely be.  

The expenses are contingent on the scope of the cracks and the necessary repairs. Baker’s Waterproofing offers complimentary estimates, clear-cut pricing, flexible financing choices, and preemptive upkeep to avert costlier remedies down the line. Get in touch with us to arrange a free assessment

The duration of repairs hinges on the severity of the issue and the chosen repair approach. Minor crack repairs may be completed in a day or two, whereas more extensive solutions may require additional time. We’ll provide a specific time estimate during our initial assessment.

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