Everything You Need To Know About Vapor Barriers

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When considering a basement waterproofing solution, it is important to address your basement walls. Walls can bring in extra moisture and may foster mold growth. At Baker’s Waterproofing, we offer a waterproof, plastic vapor barrier that treats leaky or damp basement walls.

What is CleanSpace Vapor Barrier?

CleanSpace is a durable, plastic material that is pliable enough to attach to uneven surfaces.

CleanSpace prevents humidity from making its way through the walls and into your living space. It includes a mold inhibitor called “UltraFresh” that will not allow mold to grow on the liner. 

How Does it Work?

CleanSpace blocks the moisture from entering your living space.

Mold is dangerous when airborne. If you have mold growth on the walls, the mold will never pass through the vapor barrier or into your basement or garage.

CleanSpace will keep the mold spores between the block and liner and will not to allow it into the air. 

The Installation

CleanSpace is easy installed, and starts working immediately. The 20-mil poly-reinforced liner comes off a roll and is attached to the walls. Plastic fasteners are mechanically drilled in, so it will never fall off the wall.

The CleanSpace wall will never chip, peel, or flake away from the concrete like paints and sealants will. Any water seepage coming through the wall will be directed down into your drainage system.

Finishing the Basement

If you want to finish your basement, CleanSpace can stay on the walls permanently with nothing over top, if that’s what you prefer.CleanSpace can not be painted, however, you can add drywall with the peace of mind that moisture will not ruin it.

Do I Need A Vapor Barrier?

CleanSpace wall vapor barrier is highly recommended, especially if you want to finish your basement. Moisture coming through the walls will destroy carpet, dry wall, personal belongings, and could be affecting your family’s health.If you think CleanSpace could add value to your home’s health, contact Baker’s Waterproofing for a free estimate.

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