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Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair in Central PA

Central PA benefits from relatively stable loam and limestone-based soil, but the often wild weather can still cause damage.

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Basement Waterproofing, Crawl Space Encapsulation an Repair in Central PA

Many of the older homes across Central Pennsylvania do not repel water as effectively as is ideal, and, as such, their crawl spaces or basements become damp, cold, and unhealthy places that impact the climate inside the home as a whole. This can occur as a result of unsealed concrete walls in your basement letting water pass in a process known as seepage or because of the presence of crawl space vents (which were once considered beneficial). Either way, waterproofing and encapsulation will be needed to protect the property in future.

The team here at Baker’s Waterproofing has decades of collective experience in waterproofing and encapsulation throughout Central PA. In fact, we specialize in these processes. While the process of waterproofing may differ slightly between crawl spaces and basements, similar products can be utilized in most spaces. Generally, the process of waterproofing and encapsulation includes the installation of drainage measures, insulation, vapor barriers, a sump pump and/or a dehumidifier, and, in the case of certain crawl spaces, vent covers.

Thanks to our specialists, waterproofing and encapsulation are relatively straightforward and speedy processes that will take less than a day. Complications generally do not arise unless there is underlying damage in the Central PA property. If there is, then repairs will need to be deployed before the waterproofing process can be undertaken in full. Failing to repair damage or remove dampness will simply cover up problem signs and magnify the negative effects of dampness by trapping the moisture into a waterproof location that limits even minimal evaporation or drainage.

Foundation Repair in Central PA

The signs of foundation damage can be surprisingly subtle at first, so most Central PA homeowners find that by the time they have noticed an issue like subsidence or settlement, the damage is fairly advanced. This is unfortunate, of course, because foundation damage is very likely to cause secondary and tertiary issues throughout your home. From spreading cracks in your walls and flooring to dampness and mold formation, a damaged foundation is a source of constant and serious trouble. Thankfully, there are repair options available.

Here at Baker’s Waterproofing, we have curated a portfolio of the very best foundation repair tools and products on the market today. Our team of experienced specialists is trained to the highest levels to ensure that they can give our customers the very best results in every situation. Of course, every foundation repair process is different, which is why we always recommend that you have your Central PA home formally inspected before acting.

Whether your home is sinking, your foundation has fragmented and settled, your walls are bowing, or you have a mixture of issues, we have the tools to help. From wall anchors and carbon fiber supports for damaged walls to helical and push piers to lift and stabilize your property’s foundation, the Baker’s Waterproofing can undertake foundation repair in any situation. Better yet, we guarantee that we will never suggest that you replace your damaged Central PA foundation unless all other viable options have been exhausted!

Concrete Lifting in Central Pennsylvania

If you want to maintain the appearance and value of your home, then it is important to take care of your exterior space in the same way that you do the structure of your home. The exterior concrete surfaces that are essential parts of your property (for example, your driveway and sidewalks) can be impacted by all of the same issues as your foundation but are generally easier to damage. This is because of their exposed nature. While your foundation is buried safely in the ground, your driveway has to deal with the elements day in and day out. Furthermore, while the loam and limestone soils that Central PA are known for have good drainage, they are not immune to saturation; this can cause many issues.

The most common issues found in concrete slabs and surfaces around properties in Central PA are sinking and fragmentation. Thankfully, there are many different and effective repair options on the market, these days, and the team here at Baker’s Waterproofing is well-versed in them all. Broadly speaking, however, we favor SettleStop PolyRenewal™ foam injection to lift and repair damaged concrete and slabs. SettleStop PolyRenewal™ foam can be used in almost any situation and can even be used in conjunction with slab piers to fill the voids left behind once the slab has been lifted into place.

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About Waterproofing, Crawl Spaces & Foundation Repair in Central PA

Foundation damage can be caused by a number of issues, but they can all be generally split into three categories: pressure, lack of support, or defects. Each of these issues is distinct and unique, but they tend to present themselves in the same ways. The main signs of foundation damage are spreading cracks, unevenness, dampness, sinking, and heaving. You may also notice wood rot or mold as secondary issues if the damage to your Central PA foundation has been at work for some time. So, because the signs are fairly uniform no matter the cause, it is important to contact a professional so that they can determine the cause and the correct solution.

A fundamental flaw or defect in the design or structure of your Central PA property’s foundation is the least likely underlying cause but simultaneously the most serious. Defects can occur as a result of poor design (for example, the architect miscalculating the depth of the foundation) or because of the materials (for example, poorly mixed or cured concrete). Either way, the damage will be hard to rectify, and it will be more likely that foundation replacement will need to be carried out in part or in full. Damage caused by pressure or a lack of support, however, can generally be repaired and prevented from recurring.

Few things can exert enough pressure to damage a property except the earth itself (and incidentally, issues with support tend to be soil-based as well). The soil around Central PA is generally loamy or chalky, which means that it is non-expansive or minimally reactive. As such, its capacity to exert direct pressure is lower than soils that are expansive and clay-based. However, this kind of soil can begin to move if faced with prolonged flooding or heavy rainfall. When this happens, the hydrostatic pressure levels around a home can skyrocket, and soil washout becomes far more likely. Both of these issues can cause foundation damage like fragmentation, sinking, cracking, and lateral movement.

Unfortunately, many of the older properties around Central PA do not have crawl spaces that can be classed as being waterproof in any true sense of the word. This is partly to do with the recent advancements made in construction and the materials that are now available, but also it is to do with changes to what we consider ‘best practice’ in property construction, now. Between the 1950s and the 1990s, it was considered best practice to install crawl space vents because it was believed that the airflow would prevent dampness. This turned out to not be true.

In fact, the increased airflow (also known as the stack effect) actually increased levels of dampness. This happened because of how the air inside the property reacted to being heated or cooled by the HVAC system, as well as because of the clash of warm and cool air (which leads to condensation). This is why it is so common to see vent covers and doors on properties in the Central PA area now. Of course, this is not the only potential cause of dampness.

Damage can also lead to dampness and humidity inside your Central PA property, whether it is internal or external. Forms of internal damage that are most likely to cause dampness are damage to your home’s plumbing system or attached appliances. While a large plumbing flood is destructive, it also prompts quick and thorough action. This is why low-level, persistent leaks tend to be more damaging in the long-run. Finally, any form of structural damage can cause dampness and humidity by allowing water to seep into your home through small cracks and areas of damage.

Hydrostatic pressure is one of the most damaging things that any home can face, and, yet, it is perfectly natural. In fact, every home is subject to some level of hydrostatic pressure. This is because hydrostatic pressure is simply the combined weight of the soil around your Central PA home and the water that it contains. This also means that the level of hydrostatic pressure around any home can vary depending on a number of factors, including average rainfall, localized or area-wide flooding, and the presence of underground water sources.

When it is allowed to get out of control, hydrostatic pressure can exert a huge amount of lateral pressure on a Central PA property’s foundation and basement walls. This is an issue, of course, because of the relatively low tensile strength of concrete (in comparison to its compressive strength). This kind of pressure can cause concrete to crack and fragment, even leading to basement walls bowing or collapsing.

All properties are designed to withstand a certain level of hydrostatic pressure, however, which is good news. All you need to do to avoid damage is manage the levels of hydrostatic pressure around your home. This can be managed by ensuring that your Central PA property’s drainage capabilities are as robust as they can be. Waterproofing your basement or crawl space, installing perimeter drains, and investing in a regular and thorough maintenance schedule are all great ideas for those looking to prevent soil saturation and manage hydrostatic pressure.

Yes! Thankfully, there are many options for stabilizing and straightening bowing walls on the market today. Of course, getting the right repair method for your Central PA property means considering the underlying causes of the damage and the severity of the issues within your wall. Broadly speaking, however, there are wall anchors, carbon fiber reinforcement, and wall beams. Each has its own benefits and limitations.

Carbon fiber reinforcement is the least invasive option for walls that have started to bow or buckle. Carbon fiber is lightweight and remarkably strong. As such, using this material to reinforce a damaged wall provides a quick and easy to disguise way to prevent further deviation. The biggest limitation of this method is that it cannot be used to straighten damaged walls. Furthermore, it is not suitable for walls that have deviated more than two inches from their intended positioning. Wall beams are perhaps the closest equivalent in terms of lack of widespread excavation and disruption. Wall beams are hard to disguise, but they can be installed in almost any space and can be used to straighten a damaged wall over time.

Wall anchors share a few properties. Firstly, they require some amount of outside space to be installed. Secondly, they can be used to straighten walls, and, finally, they do this by applying opposing pressure, using the earth as their anchor. Anchors are easier to disguise than wall beams, too. Their main limitation is the necessity for at least 10 feet of outside space for installation.

Waterproofing is an incredibly beneficial process for any home in a number of ways. Of course, it is most beneficial for Central PA properties that are struggling with dampness, high relative humidity, and all of the issues that they can bring. However, homeowners looking to waterproof as a result of persistent damage will find that it is also necessary to deal with underlying issues before completing this process. If you try to waterproof without dealing with this damage or removing water from your basement or crawl space, then you could make things much worse.

The benefits of waterproofing come in two main forms: the immediate protective benefits and the climactic benefits for your home as a whole. In the most immediate sense possible, waterproofing prevents dampness and flooding, and it lowers the relative humidity inside a home. This protects the structure of your property from water damage, wood rot, and even pest infestation. This prevents avoidable secondary damage to the structure of your Central PA home.

The climactic benefits of waterproofing are more likely to impact your comfort and health. For example, reduced humidity goes hand-in-hand with a more stable interior climate. Arid air is easier for your HVAC system to process, for example, so waterproofing can ensure a more stable internal temperature. This increases energy efficiency and can also lower your energy bills. Likewise, the lower humidity drastically decreases the risk of the formation of toxic species of mold. This could prevent serious illness or injury in both the long and short term.

Sump pump systems are one of the most common waterproofing measures that can be found across Central PA. Sump pump systems are very often the first and last line of defense against dampness, water damage, and flooding in any home that they are installed in. That’s because of how they actively gather and remove water from a space. Sump pump systems now come in all shapes and sizes, and they are incredibly versatile. Nonetheless, they all work in much the same way and can be split into two categories: submersible and pedestal.

Submersible sump pumps are those which are designed to be submerged in the water inside the sump pit. They are most commonly found pump systems on the market for a number of reasons. Firstly, submersible pumps are quieter and generally considered to be more stable. Likewise, submersible pumps can handle greater volumes of water and are less likely to experience clogs as a result of small pieces of debris.

Pedestal sump pumps, by contrast, sit outside of the sump pit and are generally installed in areas where there are concerns with space. They frequently malfunction and can cause further issues with basement moisture or flooding because of the lack of a secure lid. Additional downsides are the noise that they produce, their inability to deal with solid particles, and the fact that they can be considered a potential hazard to children, animals, and anyone who has to traverse the area around them.

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