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Wall Anchors

Are you noticing issues like wall cracks or bowing in your basement? These problems are glaring indicators that your basement walls require immediate stabilization. 

Baker’s Waterproofing offers a reliable wall anchor solution to fortify your basement walls and halt further structural erosion. We provide durable basement repair services featuring wall anchor installations engineered to securely hold onto firm soil layers, halt foundational shifting, and progressively rectify distorted walls. 

Act now to strengthen your basement and avoid the costly expense of a complete foundation rebuild. 

What Are Wall Anchors? 

Wall anchors are robust metal assemblies installed into the stable soil away from your basement walls. The wall anchor setup consists of three integral pieces: 

  • Internal wall plates affixed to your basement walls 
  • Exterior earth anchor plates 
  • Connector rods linking these plates 

These anchors reach into soil zones beyond the compromised ground near your foundation, offering a much-needed structural brace. Not only do they halt lateral movements, but they also consistently reinforce the walls and offer potential improvement with periodic adjustments. 

When Should You Consider Wall Anchors? 

Signs that your home may require wall anchors include: 

  • Wall Cracks: Vertical, stair-step, or diagonal basement wall cracks signify unstable walls. 
  • Leaning Walls: Basement walls that are bowing or leaning inward are a clear warning sign of walls that require additional support. 
  • Basement Humidity: Persistent moisture causes mold growth and potential structural issues. 
  • Musty Scents: Unpleasant odors often indicate moisture issues and the potential presence of mold. 

Installing wall anchors at the earliest instance prevents these problems from escalating. 

The Importance of Wall Anchors 

Overlooking destabilized foundation walls is dangerous. Neglect can lead to water seepage, mold growth, hazardous living conditions, and structural collapse. 

Wall anchors are essential to a holistic basement rehabilitation strategy, especially vital for homes with concrete block or poured concrete walls showing signs of degradation. 

Benefits of Baker’s Waterproofing Wall Anchors 

Choosing our wall anchors comes with several benefits: 

  •  Prevent lateral movement and stabilize weak basement walls. 
  • Potentially correct the condition of bowing basement walls 
  • Shift the structural stress to robust soil 
  • Prevent the expansion of existing cracks 
  • Cost-effective when compared to total foundation revamps 
  • Accompanied by a lifetime, transferrable warranty 

Our specialized wall anchors are compatible with other repair solutions such as basement waterproofing measures. 

Our Wall Anchor Installation Steps 

Our certified installation procedure includes: 

  • Creating a trench in the earth at least 10 feet away from basement walls 
  • Drilling anchor holes into trustworthy soil 
  • Driving anchor rods through the wall 
  • Placing earth anchors into the exposed trenches, connecting to the rods 
  • Attaching interior wall anchors to the rods 
  • Securing internal and external plates to the rods 
  • Backfilling the trenches post-installation 
  •  Routine adjustments for gradual wall realignment. 

Why Choose Baker’s Waterproofing Wall Anchor Systems? 

Baker’s Waterproofing provides customized repair solutions, scheduled maintenance packages, multiple financing avenues, and a lifetime transferrable warranty. We also offer services such as advanced drainage systems to enhance your basement repair. Contact Baker’s Waterproofing for a free inspection and estimate today. 

Trust Baker’s Waterproofing for a Durable Wall Anchor Solution 

Rely on the exclusive Baker’s Waterproofing wall anchor system as the ultimate shield against basement wall frailty. Our locally manufactured anchors are built to keep your home’s basement and foundation stable for decades to come. 

Schedule a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate today and discover how Baker’s Waterproofing wall anchors can rescue your compromised home. Strengthen your home’s structural resilience with Baker’s Waterproofing. 


Yes, wall anchors offered by Baker’s Waterproofing are designed to provide a lasting solution for instability. These durable anchors are warrantied for the life of the structure and backed by a transferable warranty. Contact our team for more information about our wall anchor system. 

The duration of the installation project varies depending on the number of anchors, the extent of damage, and the situation’s complexity. The average installation time typically falls between one to two days, and you have the option to stay in your home during the installation period. Contact Baker’s Waterproofing for an accurate assessment and timeline breakdown. 

Minimal maintenance is required, typically consisting of periodic adjustments to ensure optimal performance. This is best handled by Baker’s Waterproofing technicians during annual maintenance appointments. Our experts use a level to gauge wall movement, take measurements, and use a specialized wrench to adjust the anchors at necessary intervals. 

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