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Push Piers

Your home is meant to be a haven of security and peace. When foundation issues arise, they not only compromise your home’s structural integrity but also put the safety of your family in jeopardy. 

Don’t put off addressing symptoms like wall cracks or windows that are tough to open. Neglecting these issues could result in even more significant complications in the future. In Pennsylvania and West Virginia, these problems are common, but a reliable fix exists. 

Baker’s Waterproofing’s push piers offer a tried-and-true method for foundation stabilization. We employ precisely engineered products that secure your home’s base, maintaining our reputation as leaders in foundation repair

This page outlines how push piers function, their advantages, and why choosing Baker’s Waterproofing for your needs is a wise decision. 

What Are Push Piers? 

Push Piers are durable steel pillars mechanically inserted into the soil beneath your home’s foundation. These pillars go deep enough to bypass unstable ground, anchoring into bedrock or stable subsoils. This sets up a strong support system for your home’s foundation. 

Push Piers are a key component of Baker’s Waterproofing’s holistic solution for your home’s structural necessities. They seamlessly blend with our other repair strategies for basements, crawl spaces, and concrete to create a lasting repair plan. 

Signs You Need Push Piers 

Noticing one sign of foundation trouble often suggests that more issues are looming. You should consider push piers if you notice: 

Ignoring any of these early warning signs can result in even more severe issues in the future, along with higher repair costs. That’s why it’s critical to seek the advice of local experts like Baker’s Waterproofing to prevent further degradation. 

Are Push Piers Necessary? 

Unquestionably, yes. Push piers will stop a sinking foundation from going any further. Delaying foundation repair only exacerbates the underlying issues, putting essential home structures like walls and ceilings at risk due to their weakened structural integrity. 

Our push piers act as an integral part of our all-encompassing approach to foundation repair. They not only stabilize but can, where possible, lift your foundation back to its initial position. Prompt action can save you both money and peace of mind. 

While push piers are a powerful solution, Baker’s Waterproofing also offers alternative systems like helical and slab piers, depending on your specific needs. A no-obligation, free inspection will guide you toward the most effective solution. 

What Are the Benefits of Push Piers? 

Our push piers come with a host of advantages: 

  • Long-term Stability: Our piers deliver a permanent resolution. 
  • Damage Prevention: They shift your home’s load to sturdier ground, minimizing future risks. 
  • Lifting Capabilities: Our piers have the potential to bring your foundation closer to its original elevation. 
  • Custom Support: We adjust the installation depth based on your home’s unique needs. 
  • Comprehensive Repairs: Our push piers integrate with other home repair services like basement waterproofing or crawl space remediation for a fully stabilized foundation. 
  • Long-term Guarantee: Our piers are backed by a lifetime warranty. 

To maximize these benefits, choose Baker’s Waterproofing’s specialized solutions, designed for the specific challenges faced by homeowners in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. 

How We Install Push Piers 

We’ve been repairing foundations for nearly 50 years, and we recognize the importance of a trustworthy process. Our certified teams follow a streamlined, professional process every time: 

  • Uncover the home’s foundation footer 
  • Affix a custom bracket 
  • Assemble the pier segments 
  • Insert the piers into the ground 
  • Record pier depths and capacities 
  • Cap the installed piers 
  • Transfer the load to more stable soil 
  • Place markers on external walls 
  • Backfill and restore excavated areas 

Choose Baker’s Waterproofing for superior installation techniques. As Pennsylvania and West Virginia’s trusted foundation repair specialists, we can customize our pier solutions for your home’s specific needs. 

Why Our Push Piers Are the Best Choice for Your Home 

In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, our push piers stand out in other ways: 

  • High-grade steel construction 
  • Strengthened exterior sleeve 
  • Mostly invisible after installation 
  • Performance metrics and assessments 
  • Extensive lifetime guarantee 
  • Optional annual maintenance plans 
  • Availability for installation throughout the year 

Contact Baker’s Waterproofing for Push Piers Today! 

Don’t compromise the security of your home due to an unstable foundation. Immediate action and investment in push piers can help your home remain a sanctuary of comfort and safety. 

Homeowners in Pennsylvania and West Virginia have counted on our exceptional service and quality solutions since 1975. Contact Baker’s Waterproofing today for a free, no-obligation inspection! 


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