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Water in Your Crawl Space 

Unnoticed water seepage in your crawl space is a serious warning sign that demands immediate attention. 

At Baker’s Waterproofing, we specialize in identifying the underlying causes of water intrusion and implementing effective, long-lasting crawl space encapsulation solutions to safeguard your home. Our team is well-versed in addressing the unique challenges that homeowners face, keeping your crawl space dry, healthy, and structurally sound.  

This page explains the intricacies of how water infiltrates your crawl space and why promptly addressing underlying causes is crucial to your home’s safety. 

What Is Crawl Space Water? 

Water in a crawl space refers to the accumulation of unwanted moisture beneath your home’s primary living area. This can encompass standing water or dampness in the soil or crawl space surfaces. 

Crawl space water can result in various issues, including: 

Allowing water to remain in a crawl space worsens over time, particularly when the underlying causes are left unaddressed. Baker’s Waterproofing understands the complexity of crawl space issues, eliminates existing water, and prevents future water intrusion. 

Why Your Home Has Water in the Crawl Space 

Several factors contribute to crawl space water infiltration, including: 

  • Open Vents: Unsealed crawl space vents permit outdoor air entry, leading to surface moisture condensation. 
  • Seasonal Weather: Intense rain, snowmelt, or flooding can cause leaks through walls, corners, the ground, and open vents. 
  • High Groundwater: A high water table surrounds the exterior of the crawl space, leading to water infiltration. 
  • Poor Drainage: Drainage issues such as negative grading, downspout problems, clogged drains, and insufficient moisture barriers enable water runoff to enter the crawl space. 
  • Plumbing Leaks: Leaks in pipes, water heater malfunctions, and pinhole leaks in supply lines result in the accumulation of crawl space water. 
  • Failing Waterproofing: Outdated or improperly installed systems and crawl space drainage issues facilitate water intrusion through walls and floors. 

Baker’s Waterproofing performs a thorough, free crawl space inspection to identify all contributing factors of infiltration, guaranteeing that our solutions effectively target the underlying causes of water in your crawl space. 

Can You Fix Crawl Space Water? 

Yes, water in crawl spaces can be remedied with effective solutions. However, simply removing standing water is not a sustainable approach. A comprehensive strategy is essential to ensure long-term protection.  

Baker’s Waterproofing specializes in comprehensive solutions that eliminate existing water and prevent future water infiltration. Our approach surpasses temporary DIY fixes and addresses the entire crawl space environment, creating a dry, healthy space that safeguards the overall well-being of your home. 

How Baker’s Waterproofing Fixes Crawl Space Water 

Addressing water problems in a crawl space involves several essential steps: 

Baker’s Waterproofing employs exclusive products to address the challenges of Pennsylvania and West Virginia homes. Our solutions surpass generic alternatives, ensuring the highest level of protection for your crawl space. 

Why Address Crawl Space Water Now? 

Addressing water in your crawl space at the first sign is crucial. Here’s why: 

  • Prevent Structural Damage: Early intervention can prevent sagging floors and weakened support structures, minimizing the need for extensive repairs. 
  • Avoid Health Issues: A wet crawl space promotes mold and poor air quality, adversely affecting your health. 
  • Save on Energy Bills: Wet crawl spaces necessitate more energy for heating and cooling, whereas a dry and well-insulated crawl space enhances energy efficiency. 
  • Protect Your Investment: Promptly addressing water issues prevents expensive repairs and safeguards your home’s value. 

Ignoring water issues in your crawl space only worsens the problems. Choose Baker’s Waterproofing for superior waterproofing solutions that provide unmatched care and safeguard for your home. 

Contact Baker’s Waterproofing for Reliable Crawl Space Solutions 

Crawl space water poses various risks to your home and family, but it can be effectively addressed with premium solutions. Baker’s Waterproofing provides customized crawl space encapsulation systems supported by long-term, transferable warranties. These systems target ongoing water issues in your crawl space, enhancing air quality and safeguarding your home’s structure.  

If you suspect water in your crawl space, contact Baker’s Waterproofing for expert repair solutions. We offer free inspections to identify the source of the moisture and devise an optimal repair plan. 


Water intrusion in your crawl space can lead to many problems, including structural damage, mold growth, and health hazards. To safeguard your crawl space from these damaging effects, consider implementing a comprehensive waterproofing system encompassing interior drainage and a sump pump. Contact Baker’s Waterproofing to schedule a free crawl space inspection and to receive a repair estimate.

While DIY quick fixes may be appealing, we advise against them due to the potential dangers of crawl space entry. Products from big-box stores often provide only temporary solutions that fail to address the root cause. Choose professional crawl space encapsulation services that ensure long-lasting results. Contact Baker’s Waterproofing for a free crawl space inspection and a no-obligation estimate. 

The costs of crawl space waterproofing depend on the size of the crawl space and the necessary repairs. Arrange a free inspection with a Baker’s Waterproofing expert for an accurate price breakdown and financing options.

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