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Downspout Extensions

Our Foundation and Crawl Space Specialists have several options available for homeowners who wish to direct water away from their foundation with downspout extensions.

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Why Extend Your Gutter Downspouts?

When your gutters discharge water next to your foundation, it can seep directly into the soil around your home. This can significantly add to basement water leaks, and it can even contribute to foundation issues. This problem can be averted by simply adding a downspout extension to your home’s gutter & downspout system.

The AquaStop Yardwell™ directs water away from the soil around your home, preventing basement leaks and foundation damage.

Direct Water Away From Your Foundation With One Easy Installation of The YardWell™ Outlet

The AquaStop Yardwell™ Outlet is an underground extension to your downspouts. Its green color blends in with your lawn and lawn mower traffic won’t hurt it. The buried pipe directs water away from your home and onto the surface through the special Yardwell™ outlet, and the lid comes off for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Yardwell™ Outlet is best used for downspout extensions over 8′ long, and can attach directly to your home’s existing downspouts. Installation takes less than an hour and will help lead water away from the soil around your home, preventing future basement leaks and water damage.

Let Baker’s Waterproofing help you keep roof water away from your foundation with The Yardwell™ Outlet.

All of our gutter and downspout products are a great compliment to your existing basement waterproofing system!


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