Exterior Drainage

Sometimes the easiest way to solve a basement waterproofing problem is to stop the water before it reaches your house. No pumps are needed, just gravity!

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Drains for Houses Built on Sloping Terrain

One approach that Baker’s Waterproofing has used with success is the surface drain. It consists of PVC piping and catch basins or channel drains. Water is collected at the drains and channeled away from the house. This method is especially useful for houses built on sloping lots where runoff is above ground.

Baker’s Waterproofing consultants can examine your property to find the best places to intercept the flow of water and to divert it to a storm sewer, dry well, ravine, or street. Surface drains are great ways to collect water runoff from patios and lawn areas that puddle. The water enters the drain pipe via a catch basin and drainage grate. Round grates are typically used in turf areas. Square grates are used for walkways, driveways, parking lots, and pool decks.

When groundwater in a poorly drained area — such as the base of a slope or behind a retaining wall — is the issue, Baker’s Waterproofing may recommend a sub-surface, or French, drain. In such cases, a perforated drain pipe is buried in a gravel-filled trench. Water that has saturated the surrounding soil enters the pipe through the perforations and flows away. A wrap of landscape cloth helps keep the drain from becoming clogged with soil and sediment. Soil is backfilled over the drain assembly to make the installation invisible and does not detract from the landscaping. French drains may be connected to main drains that in turn carry water to its intended location.

Professional Surface Drains Repair In Pittsburgh

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Let Our Basement Waterproofing Experts Help

Let Our Basement Waterproofing Experts Help

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