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CFI installing Push Piers during winter storm

Foundation Repair

Street Creep Repair Learn More

The SettleStop™ Street Creep Damage Repair System What It Does: Street creep is a problem that is caused by thermal expansion and contraction of exterior concrete pavement that surrounds a home. As this concrete expands against a driveway with inadequate expansion joints, the driveway is pushed against the garage slab, which in turn pushes against […]

Bakers Waterproofing Truck with employee

How Tree Roots Cause Problems In Your Home Learn More

The Damaging Effects Growing tree roots don’t actively harm your home, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t damage your property in certain ways. If you have trees surrounding your home’s perimeter, you might be in danger of its roots disrupting the stability of the soil beneath your foundation. This can lead to your foundation settling, cracking, or suffering […]

Interior Drywall Cracking

One More Thing to add to the Spring-Cleaning List Learn More

Spring is here! Depending on where you live, this means things like putting on shorts and flinging open the windows the moment the temperature rises above 40 degrees. It means trips to the local garden center to pick out bulbs and seeds. And it means marking a weekend on the calendar to give the house […]

Cracked brick on foundation

Foundation Repair is NOT a DIY Project Learn More

Occasionally, we are called out to a home after a homeowner has tried to fix the problem themselves. This is NEVER a good idea. Problems with your home’s foundation can affect safety and property value.

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