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Commercial Polyurethane Grouting

Affordable permanent repairs for all sunken concrete problems

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When a concrete surface is no longer providing safe, solid support due to settlement issues, prompt action is necessary before the problem gets worse. Before you demolish the concrete slab, consider the advantages of PolyRenewal™, an innovative alternative to common concrete remediation methods like mudjacking, concrete grinding, and total concrete replacement.

The PolyRenewal™ system utilizes a high-strength polyurethane mixture that expands to fill voids under concrete, stabilize soil, and lift concrete slabs. With multiple formulas available, PolyRenewal™ can fit the needs of any commercial, industrial, or municipal job, large or small.

Baker’s Waterproofing is a PolyRenewal™ contractor, serving Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Clarksburg and surrounding Western PA, Northern West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio areas. Schedule your consultation with one of our commercial technicians today to learn how we can lift your sunken concrete slab using our fast, durable, cost-effective solution.

Over time, this concrete settled and cracked, creating unsafe conditions.
PolyRenewal™® was used to fill voids beneath the slab and level the highway with little disruption.

Advantages of PolyRenewal™ vs mudjacking & concrete grinding:

  • Lightweight – PolyRenewal™ weighs about 4 pounds per cubic foot, which is significantly less than the 120 pounds of typical fill material. This means there is almost no additional load added to the supporting soils.
  • High Capacity – Lifting action is a result of the expansion of the foam, allowing lift on much larger loads than typical mudjacking that relies on hydraulic pressure being contained under the slab.
  • Accurate Lift – Calculated reaction time of the polyurethane foam allows for precise lifting.
  • Waterproof – Polyurethane material is waterproof, so it will not wash out and can be used to under-seal the slab and stop other infrastructure leaks.
  • Non-Invasive – Equipment can be used in tight access areas, is less messy than other methods, and can be done more quickly. Concrete grinding, a common concrete repair technique, is loud, messy, and disrupts the area around the concrete.
  • Quick Cure Time – Cure time allows for even heavy traffic just 15 minutes after completion of the injection of the material. With mudjacking, the injected mortar must be allowed to cure before any weight can be put on the slab – a process that can take several days.

See how PolyRenewal™ works to lift settled, damaged concrete slabs.

PolyRenewal™ can be used for a variety of applications

PolyRenewal™ has been designed to work under the most extreme circumstances. With wet locations and heavy traffic in mind, PolyRenewal™ is the best choice for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Slab lifting for commercial/industrial buildings. This repair technique is sometimes referred to as “slab jacking”, and is used on all types of sunken slabs in commercial and industrial buildings, including factory or warehouse floor slabs. By pumping a special mortar or an expanding foam beneath the slab, enough pressure is created to force the slab upwards. Once the mortar or polymer hardens, the repair is complete.
  • Void-filling. Depending on the technique used, lifting settled or sunken concrete back to its original level can leave an airspace or void beneath the concrete. We often choose to fill this void with concrete or polymer material that can be pumped into the space. Void-filling techniques are also used to fill sinkholes, abandoned mines, and open areas around well or tunnel casings.
  • Concrete raising for roads, bridges, highways, railroads & runways. Serious safety hazards occur when these concrete elements sink, so repairs must be made right away. Baker’s Waterproofing often relies on polymer injection or polyurethane concrete lifting to raise sunken concrete roads and runways. The main advantage of this technique is that the injected polymer cures to about 90 percent of its final strength within an hour after injection, enabling the road or runway to be used quickly.
  • Pressure grouting with urethane. This technique is also referred to as “polymer injection”, and can be used for concrete lifting, void filling applications, and consolidating and strengthening soil prior to construction. The urethane polymer is activated during the application process, turning from a liquid into an expanding foam that flows into voids and pushes sunken concrete upwards.
  • Sidewalk, stoop, & driveway lifting. Mud jacking and polymer injection are two concrete lifting techniques that geotechnical engineers use to repair sunken sidewalks, stoops, and driveways. Concrete leveling can eliminate trip hazards and help achieve ADA compliance to prevent legal liability.
  • Rescuing a sinking in-ground pool. The combined weight of concrete and water can sometimes be too much for the underlying soil to bear. When this happens, an in-ground pool can begin to sink down. Baker’s Waterproofing can solve this problem by injecting an expanding polymer compound beneath the pool. The polymer’s expanding force can raise up the sunken pool, while also improving the load-bearing qualities of the soil.

What causes a concrete slab to sink?

Concrete is hard to beat as a basic material for all kinds of load-bearing surfaces, from driveways and sidewalks to floors, roads, and airport runways. However, concrete has two characteristics that can cause problems: it’s heavy and it can’t stretch.

The weight of a concrete slab can sometimes cause the soil beneath the slab to compress. When this happens, all or part of the concrete slab will sink down under its own weight, sometimes cracking in the process. The cracking occurs because concrete isn’t a resilient material. If a slab is unevenly supported, it’s likely to crack because it can’t stretch or bend.

In addition to unsightly cracks, slab settlement problems can also result in potential accidents, poor drainage, tripping hazards and expensive property damage.

Big lifting power through small holes. To lift a settled concrete slab with PolyRenewal™®, 5/8″ diameter holes are drilled through the slab. After an injector port is screwed into each hole, a special nozzle mixes two reactive materials and sprays the expanding mixture beneath the slab.

Effective commercial concrete solutions in Western PA, Northern West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio

Baker’s Waterproofing is your local expert for concrete leveling and repair. Contact us today to schedule an on-site consultation to find out how PolyRenewal™ can solve your all your concrete problems, and we will provide you with an estimate for your commercial project. We proudly service Fairmont, Bethel Park, Wheeling, Beaver, Cranberry Township, Washington, Greensburg and many surrounding neighborhoods.

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