Work Requests in Greensburg

Baker's Waterproofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Greensburg. Learn more about Baker's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Greensburg and nearby areas!

Learn more about Baker's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Greensburg, PA
Vicinity of Rolling Meadows Dr. in Greensburg
Water seeping at base of foundation.
Vicinity of Courtview Dr in Greensburg
Back patio is leaning towards my house and water is pooling there. Water is leaking into my basement. I need it to be raised so water runs away from my house.
Vicinity of Lakewood Road in Greensburg
Unfinished part of basement has gotten some water once new roof was put on. Not sure it is gutter down spout issues that is letting it leak into basement.
Vicinity of Austin Street in Greensburg
Driveway has dropped about an inch from the entrance into the garage.
Vicinity of Arlington Place in Greensburg
Our driveway has sunk in certain areas and I would like to get a price to have it leveled and resurfaced
Vicinity of Mason Dr in Greensburg
I have a small 6x8 section of concrete on a pool patio that is sinking and would like it repaired before worsening. I do not monitor or check my email, phone will be the only way to reach me. Thank you.
Vicinity of Concord Are in Greensburg
Mositure on wall paint peeled off and little mold in two corners of foundation. Small crack in floor between main cellar and floor going to cellar under front porch.
Vicinity of Franklin St. in Greensburg
Our basement is leaking water in a few different areas.
Vicinity of Attleboro Pl in Greensburg
Additional information: Preferred Appointment1: 06/25/2018 Preferred Appointment2: 06/25/2018 Arrival Window2: 9am-1pm Preferred Appointment3: 06/26/2018 Arrival Window3: 9am-1pm
Vicinity of Highland Avenue in Greensburg
We get water in our basement, but only after a really hard rain. When it does come in, it's at the foundation.
Vicinity of in Greensburg
Hello! We are looking for a way to inexpensively repair our front concrete porch that has sunk on the left side about 6 inches. The porch is 4 x 6 and approximately 4 feet deep. About 3 feet of it is underground. I believe it was poured onto a gravel bed. The entire porch is one solid pour of concrete reinforced by rebar. I suspect it sunk on the left due to the weight of the structure. Would you be able to lift and level the left side using the foam injection method? If so, is it guaranteed to work? I am available this Friday (6/8) afternoon or all day Saturday (6/9) for someone to look at the porch and provide a quote. We are looking to have the job done rather soon if we like the quote provided. Please feel free to call if you have any questions. Thanks, Steve
Vicinity of Agnes St in Greensburg
Rodents burrowed under pool deck along hillside (underside of deck is easily accessible) and want to know what foam jacking would cost to fill in gaps.
Vicinity of Broad St in Greensburg
We are purchasing a building in South Greensburg that has some water issues in the basement and were looking to get a quote on repairs.
Vicinity of Beechwood Road in Greensburg
We have a concete walkway that is in decent shape but it's sinking down towards the house. The walkway is approx 32 feet long and the sections are 4 feet by 3 feet wide.
Vicinity of Georges Station Rd. in Greensburg
Concrete slab around pool sink about 2 inches 1 section
Vicinity of East Pittsburgh Street in Greensburg
Cracks in my walls and floor trim pulling away in upstairs bedroom
Vicinity of Lakeside Way in Greensburg
I have a front porch slab and portion of walkway which needs lifted.
Vicinity of Monica Drive in Greensburg
Heavy rain leads to small water accumulation leaking through basement floor between concrete floor and block wall in some areas of basement
Vicinity of Painter St in Greensburg
Water coming in basement from spare room the corner. We think it's coming from the corner ceiling of that room below porch.
Vicinity of Poplar St in Greensburg
Water leaking in on one corner of the house
Vicinity of Greenmont Street in Greensburg
Came home from a buisness trip and basement is wet not sure where it's coming from
Vicinity of Johnston Lane in Greensburg
I have a well room in my basement where my public water currently enters and I've always had water trickle/puddle in at the base of the wall and floor. The ceiling is also in rough shape and will need refinished. My goal is to use the room for storage and to just eliminate the water/mold issues that are in there currently and would like to get an estimate on the costs.
Vicinity of Woodhaven Dr in Greensburg
I have a crack in my poured foundation that leaks water
Vicinity of Gaither Way in Greensburg
Basement needs to be waterproofed and fixed up a bit, it's a dirt floor and needs remodeled enough to sell. House is vacant.
Vicinity of Quail Run in Greensburg
2 driveway slabs starting to settle need jacked
Vicinity of Quail Run in Greensburg
Have 2 concrete slabs that have settled to various degrees. 1 has dropped about 3-4 inches on one corner but not cracked yet. The second one is just beginning to settle and needs jacked.
Vicinity of Jean St in Greensburg
I am thinking of getting a vapor barrier installed in the crawl space under my kitchen. I am curious about costs.
Vicinity of Sioux Dr in Greensburg
Basement wall bowing and has some water damage in spots.
Vicinity of Highland Ave. in Greensburg
I would like a free repair estimate.
Vicinity of Pellis Road in Greensburg
We were demolishing our finished basement today for a remodel project and discovered the foundation is bowed and cracked. And we get water in our basement as well.
Vicinity of Old Salem Rd in Greensburg
Foundation issues, crack in basement wall, will need wall anchoring. Waterproofing completed last spring.
Vicinity of McClellan Drive in Greensburg
Front concrete porch is sinking, walkway cracking
Vicinity of Melvin Drive in Greensburg
Concrete leveling
Vicinity of University Dr in Greensburg
Vicinity of Calvary Hill Rd in Greensburg
Lift settled back patio
Vicinity of West Glennis Dr in Greensburg
Sinking slab in driveway. The dirt and railroad ties under it have discenterated.
Vicinity of Locust Street in Greensburg
We have some cracks in the basement and in the front of the house by our windows Do have water coming into our basement and by the front porch going down to the bathroom down into our bathroom cellar around the dryer and washer too
Vicinity of Cranston Drive in Greensburg
I have sidewalk about 14 feet long that has dropped on one side about 3 inches?
Vicinity of Patricia Drive in Greensburg
When we have a heavy fast rain it comes in my basement.
Vicinity of Clearview Drive in Greensburg
Water is coming between seam of wall and floor in the basement.
Vicinity of Bella St in Greensburg
Bowing wall and french drain
Vicinity of Elmur Dr in Greensburg
Need to evaluate basement
Vicinity of Dalur Way in Greensburg
Water filtration from a crack in the driveway to the basement. Water accumulates slowly forming puddles and wall damps.
Vicinity of Ridgeway Rd in Greensburg
There is a void under my front concrete porch. I don't think the concrete has settled, but I don't know what is holding the concrete up. Perhaps it is tied into the house on two side and cantilevered. Also, my front paver walkway has settled three inches. Water is now being funneled down the walk and underneath the porch.
Vicinity of Cribbs Street in Greensburg
Basememnt leaking when we have a downpour
Vicinity of McLaughlin Dr in Greensburg
French drains installed around perimeter 3 years ago- lasted a year. Basement is still wet
Vicinity of Summer Spring in Greensburg
Water intrusion in basement through cement block "waterproofed" wall
Vicinity of Cheshire Drive in Greensburg
We live on a hill and the drive way and foundation in the front of the house is starting to leave noticeable space and cracks thought out the house.
Vicinity of Sloan Ln in Greensburg
What it would cost to lift a tilted slap of my concrete
Vicinity of Jean Street in Greensburg
I would like a second opinion on the status of the bowing of our basement wall.
Vicinity of Crest View Dr. in Greensburg
Vertical cracking in basement foundation wall
Vicinity of Chapel View Drive in Greensburg
Moisture and mold, one part of my basement.
Vicinity of Satinwood Lane in Greensburg
Interested in quote to level concrete driveway slabs
Vicinity of Sherwood Drive in Greensburg
After much rain, water intrusion through cinder block basement wall at bottom.
Vicinity of Silvis Farm Rd in Greensburg
Water seeping into one corner of basement
Vicinity of N Maple Ave in Greensburg
We have a retaining wall at the far end of our yard that is about 6ft high and is leaning away from the yard. We would like to know what our options are regarding fixing the problem. Thank you.
Vicinity of Madison Avenue in Greensburg
The front part of my house has a leak that's causing puddles to form in the basement. It's not a full on flood when it rains, but I can see it getting worse.
Vicinity of Linda Drive in Greensburg
Have stair step cracking in the corner of my foundation which seems to have affected the bedroom wall and looks like it is moving outward.
Vicinity of Timber Trail Dr in Greensburg
Water coming in through ceiling in basement in area under the concrete slab leading to the deck.
Vicinity of Sycamore St in Greensburg
Damp basement and crack in basement wall
Vicinity of Franconia Dr. in Greensburg
Areas in semi finished basement are damp and beginning to create mildew issues.
Vicinity of Skyview Drive in Greensburg
Small area of basement floor wet after heavy rain
Vicinity of Newport Drive in Greensburg
Basement flooding due to several springs creating run off in the backyard.
Vicinity of Amberson Place in Greensburg
I am going to be building a large home. Do you do foundation waterproofing during the building process ? Do you guarantee the work? Thank You.
Vicinity of Monica Dr. in Greensburg
When it rains we have a problem with our basement flooding. Sometimes it is just a small trickle of water, other times it just won't stop coming in. We would love to finish our basement, but can't until we figure out how to fix our problem!
Vicinity of Harry Long Road in Greensburg
We would like an estimate on a vapor barrier for our crawlspace.

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