Work Requests in Coraopolis

Baker's Waterproofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Coraopolis. Learn more about Baker's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Coraopolis and nearby areas!

Learn more about Baker's Waterproofing's recent work requests in Coraopolis, PA
Vicinity of McIntosh Drive in Coraopolis
We have some dampness on the basement floor (coming through vinyl floor). We'd like a consultation on the best course of action along with an estimate
Vicinity of Glenmore Drive in Coraopolis
Cracks in basement walls and water seepage.
Vicinity of in Coraopolis
Would like a free estimate
Vicinity of Rivercrest Drive in Coraopolis
Due to the recent heavy rains, I took in a bit of water in one of my basement rooms (finished). Looking at options on how to waterproof as I work to prepare to remove carpeting/dry wall and re-do.
Vicinity of Bridge As Rd in Coraopolis
Cracking walls / ongoing moisture and wet carpeting
Vicinity of Fawcett St in Coraopolis
Need to fix a 12x12 concrete pad that is sloping towards the house and causing water to leak into the basement under heavy rain
Vicinity of Queens Drive in Coraopolis
Uneven front sidewalk
Vicinity of Westbury Dr in Coraopolis
Garage over basement is leaking.
Vicinity of McKinney Dr in Coraopolis
We have a front pad that slopes towards the house. A pool of water collects against the house. Looking to remove pad and install a French drain.
Vicinity of in Coraopolis
I'm remodeling a building for our ballet school, and some slabs are uneven inside the facility.
Vicinity of Snyder Dr. in Coraopolis
Cracked basement wall
Vicinity of West End Avenue in Coraopolis
Happy with drain/pump (front basement wall) you guys installed July 2018. Inquiring into a second drain against back wall and also lowering part of interior basement floor (currently 6 or so feet) in half the basement to get full bath + easier to walk under air duct/ load bearing beam in basement. I live in the basement and am tall and this is a costly and ambitious project but I want it done.
Vicinity of Pine Lane in Coraopolis
Water in basement front and rear of house.
Vicinity of Canterbury Dr in Coraopolis
Hi, Am looking for someone to come in, do free inspections and quotes. Things what am noticing is basement is moisture and salting on bricks. On top of it in garage I see minor mositor too. It will be good if someone from an expiernce can come in and let us know what is needed and if possible can provide estimates.
Vicinity of Rodgers in Coraopolis
Structural engineer recommended installing steel piers to stabilize foundation.
Vicinity of Julianna Drive in Coraopolis
I have some areas of my basement that are damp/wet when here is heavy rain. There is water penetration around a vent pipe. Finally, I suspect there may be some settling along with some pre-existing cracks.
Vicinity of Rivercrest Drive in Coraopolis
My garage is at the bottom of a hill in my yard. Some water is leaking through, and the concrete walls are starting to bow and show visible signs of water damage. It is easier for me to schedule an estimate via email due to work. I can confirm verbally via phone after if necessary. Thanks!
Vicinity of Kenrich Dr in Coraopolis
Driveway/sidewalk needs leveled
Vicinity of Cliff Mine Rd in Coraopolis
Slab of concrete that needs to be lifted to make front stoop level.
Vicinity of LYTHAM in Coraopolis
DRIVEWAY- needs lifted.
Vicinity of Dendron Drive in Coraopolis
My porch slab is sinking and would like to look into the possisbility of getting grout installed beneath to prevent and additional settlement.
Vicinity of Duckhorn Drive in Coraopolis
Minor water leakage in basement. Source of leak is vertical hairline crack in poured concrete foundation wall (Rear of house). Also appears to be an issue with exterior drainage at rear of house. Looking for quote to permanently repair crack with polyurethane sealant (or other recommended solution) and also for French Drain installation at exterior of dwelling.
Vicinity of Elmhurst Dr in Coraopolis
Need an estimate on wall anchor system. Slight crack in garage foundation.
Vicinity of Windy Willows Dr. in Coraopolis
Side walk sunk 4" it is 4' wide by 8' long
Vicinity of Escalon Drive in Coraopolis
Vicinity of Montour Street in Coraopolis
My house is not properly supported and its causing my house to slowly sink
Vicinity of in Coraopolis
I am looking at buying this home but the inspector said there is possible mold in the basement due to moisture coming in. I was just trying to get estimates to see how much it would cost to fix before committing to the purchase of the house.
Vicinity of Beaver Grade Rd in Coraopolis
I have a damp basement and I have a crawl space that is wet and cold.
Vicinity of Randy Lane in Coraopolis
The concrete steps leading up to our front entryway of our house need to be leveled. It appears as though they've started to sag over time from whenever they were built. They need to be leveled to be flat and line up with the entryway of the house.
Vicinity of Phillips Ave in Coraopolis
Need help to figure out how to eliminate water going into basement
Vicinity of Locust in Coraopolis
Crack in the floor of garage. Deteriorating block.
Vicinity of Ferree St in Coraopolis
Water leaks into basement when it rains
Vicinity of McCartney Drive in Coraopolis
I have been in my home three years with no issues until the past two large rains we have had, most recently this past week and then a month ago. It appears I am getting water up through the floor in the laundry room. I am also having water appearing in my garage and in a storage room in my garage. I found a bit of dampness in the carpeting in the finished part of my basement as well, which happens to correspond to the location of a downspout I have in the front of my house. The wall in the garage is also clearly being impacted by water as paint is discoloring and bubbling, I believe there is a downspout by this spot as well. The only unfinished part is the laundry room and the garage with storage room, the rest of the basement is finished. I can see the wall in the laundry room also looks like water or moisture is impacting it. I have two throw rugs in the laundry room that have absorbed the water from the floor. When I look around outside of that area in the laundry room, I don't see water coming from the walls or where the walls meet the floor, the wetness in there is all in the center. In the garage, water is appearing away form the back wall and under storage units so not sure if it is up though the floor or where it is coming from. The storage room is under ground on three sides with one side I think being part of the back wall of my finished basement, not sure. I have provided way too much information I am sure. Long story long, I'd like to not have to demo the finished part of my basement if possible but I really don't know what I am dealing with. At my old house you guys did the internal French drains, bright white on the walls and the sump pump, that that was an old unfinished basement. This situation isn't as obvious to me how we would fix it. I'd like to have someone take a look and go over options for me. I had hoped the first time was a fluke but now that it has happened a second time, I'll not want to keep worrying every time it rains.
Vicinity of Fern Hollow Rd in Coraopolis
Basement flooding
Vicinity of Ewings Mill Road in Coraopolis
Water coming in basement through exterior wall
Vicinity of Ewings Mill Road in Coraopolis
Water coming in basement through exterior wall
Vicinity of Hassam Road in Coraopolis
Water leaking into basement cracks around windows
Vicinity of Cheryl Drive in Coraopolis
We have water seeping through the basement floor. trying to find the cause and how best to repair it.
Vicinity of Brookside Lane in Coraopolis
I have water coming into my garage.
Vicinity of Hiland Ave in Coraopolis
Cement block h2o seeping, down spout drainage against house wall., cavity grading concrete walk way. Spoty inside pores on wall. At present no PVC drainage
Vicinity of Glenmore Dr. in Coraopolis
Front wall seem to be a problem. Two doors downstairs not closing .
Vicinity of Ferree St in Coraopolis
Our Kitchen is built over a crawl space and is sinking. Walls are cracking and the floor of the kitchen is slopping towards the back of the house
Vicinity of South Jamestown Rd. in Coraopolis
When we get significant rain, or when it snows and it melts quickly, our basement floods - I had the driveway sealed off one season, and that worked but the seal didn't last and the leaking began again.
Vicinity of Hunters Run Drive in Coraopolis
Multiple side walk and driveway pads need to be raised. One has a large void area beneath it.
Vicinity of in Coraopolis
I have an ugly basement with existing drainage system and dehumidifier. I'd like to encapsulate it for better look and warmer temps.
Vicinity of Larue Dr in Coraopolis
I get water in the basement with any heavy rain, continuous rain, or melting snow. I am told there are underground springs in this area and most homes in this neighborhood have water issues. I have a large ranch style house and the basement is as large as the house. Other estimates I received have included 2 sump pumps.
Vicinity of MacNab Drive in Coraopolis
Our foundation is starting to crack. Would like to see if someone could come out and give us a free estimate on potential repair work.
Vicinity of North Jamestown Rd in Coraopolis
Noticed dampness on block wall in laundry room
Vicinity of Hayes Ave in Coraopolis
Vicinity of Lansdowne Dr in Coraopolis
I'm seeing moisture in a few spots on basement block wall and would like to get an a expert to diagnose and provide an estimate.
Vicinity of Mason Drive in Coraopolis
Sinking sidewalk
Vicinity of Mercury Dr in Coraopolis
Bowing foundation.
Vicinity of Larue Dr in Coraopolis
Sinking patio needs to be raised so water flows away from the house
Vicinity of Lycoming Drive in Coraopolis
Sinking stoop, sidewalks
Vicinity of Essex Knoll Drive in Coraopolis
I have a crack through the middle of a 10 x 12 concrete patio, which has caused the slab to sink about an 1 3/4 on one end and an inch on the other. The slab needs leveled.
Vicinity of Glenora Dr. in Coraopolis
Cement walk in front of Entry door has sunk about 1 to 2 inches. The slab is about 4 feet by 6 feet. It tilts away from the entrance.
Vicinity of Arcola Drive in Coraopolis
I am getting seepage in the basement, and need to dry it out.
Vicinity of Anna Mae Drive in Coraopolis
Concrete pad in front of garage door is sinking and would like an estimate for raising.
Vicinity of in Coraopolis
My Home is 60 years old and about 10-12 years ago the owner add an addition onto the home consisting of a below grade garage area with an upper garage on top. Starting last year in noticed the back door of the addition beginning to stick and now it won't open and there is a stair step crack running through the door to grade with the crack being wider at the top. I'm looking for an estimate to identify the problem and how to fix it.
Vicinity of Thorn Run Rd in Coraopolis
Bowing wall at 1 3/4". Looking for cost estimate to reinforce approx 12 ft section that is bowing.
Vicinity of Arthur in Coraopolis
Sinking front steps
Vicinity of Fairborough Court in Coraopolis
Front walk has sunken from front porch
Vicinity of Norfolk Drive in Coraopolis
1-1/2" bow in garage wall 3rd block down plus some diagonal cracks. minimal signs of moisture.
Vicinity of Parliament Dr in Coraopolis
We have at least one seeping wall in our basement. I am available on Monday's and Thursday's for an inspection and estimate
Vicinity of Gentry Road in Coraopolis
My amature opinion is that my gutter downspouts are not functioning properly once water is channelled underground. Experiencing some basement water after very heavy rains.
Vicinity of Beechwood Blvd. in Coraopolis
This is church foundation that is showing moisture seepage and appears that it will have to be an exterior fix
Vicinity of Broad Hill Farms Road in Coraopolis
We have moisture in our basement to the point we have had some mold. Would like to get an assessment and estimate. Thanks.
Vicinity of Oxford in Coraopolis
I have a house under contract for a rehab and resell and my concern is a rather large horizontal crack in the cement block in the basement. It runs about 12-15' and the bottom looks to be bowing into the room. The crack does not extend to the corners. Would like an estimate on how much it will cost to repair.
Vicinity of Aten Road in Coraopolis
Basement wall is bowing in and we get water only after heavy rains. I believe it to be two seperate issues.
Vicinity of Larchmont Dr in Coraopolis
Need a bigger sump pump than the one I have
Vicinity of Flaugherty Run Rd in Coraopolis
French drain around the house
Vicinity of Canterbury Dr in Coraopolis
I am a townhouse, with all the rain, the water is coming thru the block. Lowest block, and a few over are all water logged. Neighbor is having issues also - we hacve a dryer vent near by - wondering if that is the issue.
Vicinity of Flaugherty Run Road in Coraopolis
Gutters in ground pipe faild putting water at block wall 18 inches below grade tottle deph to footer 5 feet tapers off to 2 feet needs dug for about 14 feet wall treated French installed and back filld with stone ive removed gutters and water has stoped
Vicinity of Hiland Ave in Coraopolis
We have water stains coming through the basement walls and would like to see the options for getting this remedied. Regular basement wall sealer did not seem to work.
Vicinity of Cliff Mine Rd. in Coraopolis
My floor in the dinningroom is sagging not enough support between joist's. I need someone to come look at problem and see what can be done.
Vicinity of Devonshire Rd in Coraopolis
Wet walls in the basement - mold.

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