Why Fix It The First Time It Leaks

A water problem left untreated will also cost you more money over the years.

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What do you do when you find water in your basement?

Finding water in your basement can be a scary event. You have to find the source of the leak, remove the water, and check the space for water damage or mold. After the water is cleaned up, you may be deciding what to do next.

You could shop-vac the area, slap on a layer of Dry-Lock, check your downspouts and call it a day. Or the easier solution might be to close the door and forget about the problem entirely.

However, the longer you wait, the more problems you create for your future self. And wouldn’t it be easier to fix the issue sooner rather than later? That way, you’re fixing it to enjoy yourself and not the next homeowners when you sell.

Fixing a one-time leak saves you time and money.

When you have a basement leak, there is a high degree of certainty that it will leak again during the next heavy rain. These situations rarely happen once. By calling a waterproofing professional after the first time, you can prevent having to spend time vacuuming up water in your basement later.

Moisture in your basement or crawlspace can create mold if it goes untreated. Basement and crawlspace air does circulate, allowing mold spores to accumulate in the upper levels of your home. Keeping your basement dry can be extremely beneficial to your family’s health and wellbeing.

Not only are you protecting your family, but a basement waterproofing system can also protect the structure of your home. Mold and dust mites thrive in areas with high humidity. Then, they attack organic materials like wood and drywall, which can compromise the structural integrity of your home. By sealing out humidity from outside air and regulating the humidity level, mold and dust mites will not survive.

A water problem left untreated will also cost you more money over the years. Water will continue to work its way into your home, and may increase in volume or frequency over time. The less water you have, the less money it will cost to repair it.

Also, pooling water outside of the home can put pressure on your foundation walls before finding its way in. The hydrostatic pressure can cause a major structural issue. Repairing a structural issue is a more difficult and more expensive process. The project price, including cost of labor, will never be cheaper than it is today.

After it’s fixed, you can breathe easy knowing that your home is dry and stable, and you have a reliable company that you can trust to keep this system lasting a long time for you, and the next family too.

Taking the time to call a waterproofing professional as soon as you notice a problem will only benefit you and your home. Your home usually protects you from the elements, now it’s your turn to protect your home with a waterproofing solution.

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