Why Annual Maintenance Is Important For Your System

Annual maintenance checks are crucial to the health and longevity of your system.

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At Baker’s Waterproofing, our team wants to ensure that your internal waterproofing and foundation wall repair system is healthy and working properly long after our initial installation. Annual maintenance check-ups from one of our professionally-trained Service Technicians will give you peace of mind that your system is working efficiently, and will remain that way.

Here is what to expect at an ANNUAL MAINTENANCE appointment.

If you have a SaniDry dehumidifier, you should change the filters about every 6 months. At your annual maintenance appointment, the Technician will check the humidity level and change the filter if needed.

We will make sure you have the dehumidifier set correctly to ensure proper humidity levels. The Service Technician will also check the discharge line of the pump to verify proper discharge flow.

Sump pumps are in place to expel groundwater to the exterior of your home. Over time, dirt and sediment may build up inside the liner of the pump, resulting in a flooded system.

The Service Technician will check the pump operations and clean all of the sediment out of the pump liner. The batteries on the pump’s WaterWatch alarm will be tested to make sure it would sound off to alert you if an issue arises.

The Technician will also check the sump pump discharge line for any problems, and provide additional information and recommendations as needed.

Our wall anchor system is warranted to prevent against future inward wall movement. Some walls may straighten over time, which could be evaluated at the appointment. We suggest servicing the anchor systems yearly to ensure no further bowing, and to track potential movement back towards its original position.

The Service Technician will benchmark walls to monitor the progress, and tighten anchors if not already done by the homeowner with their torque kit (typically available upon request). We will inspect the anchor plates and rods to see if they need waxed or cut. Last, the Technician will check the yard and the rest of the home’s foundation to prevent any further damage.

Annual maintenance checks are crucial to the health and longevity of your system. The cost starts at $95 for anchor systems and $129 for waterproofing systems, a very low price to protect your biggest investment.

We know it’s in your best interest to make annual maintenance check-ups part of your routine, just like you would with the maintenance of your car. So schedule your maintenance appointment with us today!

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