Wet Basement, Settling Foundation and Bowed Wall Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

A Baker's Waterproofing Foundation & Bowed Wall Repair Case Study


A homeowner in Pittsburgh, PA was fixing up his home before he passed it on to his son. He had lived in his home for 50 years, and had been experiencing problems with water since then. In more recent years, he started noticing bowing walls and sloping floors in the basement of his home.

He had seen Baker’s Waterproofing in a magazine, and called our office to set up a free inspection.

Our service advisor, Justin, visited the home to evaluate the water and foundation issues. He took notes of all of the customer’s needs and concerns and wrote a detailed proposal for lasting home repair solutions.

The homeowner was impressed with Justin’s presentation and our patented solutions, so he scheduled the installation that day.


A few weeks after the appointment, our crews visited this home for the installation.

Foundation Solutions

Jeremy Staffen and his team installed 6 Geo-Lock wall anchors stop the wall from further inward movement.

Jeremy measured and dug out the sod on the exterior of the home and inserted an earth plate in the ground. The crew drove rods out to the earth plates and attached them to the interior plates and tightened them into place. This wall is now permanently stable.

Hide-a-way anchor covers were placed on top of the anchors on the inside for a more subtle appearance. Jeremy also installed 1 galvanized push pier on the back corner of the home to keep the home from settling into the soil. 

Waterproofing Solution

The next day, Rich Rotolo and his team visited the home to complete the basement waterproofing work. Rich installed 54 feet of the WaterGuard drainage system at the floor-wall joint and CleanSpace wall vapor barrier on the damp walls.

These systems work together to lead water towards 2 sump pumps with battery backup pumps to take the water out of the home, even in the event of a power outage or primary pump failure.Within 2 days, this homeowner had a completely dry and stable home!