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Waterproofing and Bowed Wall Repair in Woodsfield, OH

A Baker's Waterproofing Repair Case Study

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A retired couple from Woodsfield, Ohio experienced stair-step cracking and horizontal cracking in their home. They have lived here since 1986, and are planning on leaving the house to their only son.

They want to enjoy their home after the repairs are completed and they want the issues corrected now, so their son can sell it in the future.

The couple originally called Baker’s Waterproofing with concern for bowed walls, but our service advisor, Mike Felt, also discovered a water leak during the free inspection.

Then, Mike noticed a large piece of wood on the wall with ductwork running through it. The homeowner said it was a crawlspace over the addition they had done years ago. He also said he only looked in their crawlspace once since it was built.

Mike inspected this room. He showed the couple what appeared to be mold on the floor joist and plywood. He also showed that it was not insulated and had wet dirt floors.

They all went back upstairs to build their custom waterproofing and foundation repair estimate.


Basement Waterproofing System

In the basement, our crew, led by Tom Hannah, installed our unique WaterGuard drain (182 feet), 4 access ports, CleanSpace wall vapor barrier (182 feet), 1 SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier, two TripleSafe sump pumps with the UltraSump battery backup pumps, and downspout piping that channels water outside to surface at the small, grated LawnScape outlet.

The drainage system collects water before it reaches the basement floor and channels it towards one of the sump pumps. The vapor barrier stops humidity from passing through the walls and channels any wall leaks into the drain below. TripleSafe pumps water out of the basement and far away from the home. The dehumidifier helps rid excess moisture in the air.

Crawl Space Encapsulation System

Tom and his crew installed 72 feet of dimpled drainage matting on the dirt floor. Tom placed our Terra Matting crawl space floor insulation and SilverGlo crawl space wall insulation, then encapsulated the floor and walls with 375 feet of our durable crawl space vapor barrier.

Wall Anchor SystemOur crew installed 12 seven-foot Geo-Lock Channel Anchors to stabilize the cracked and tilting basement walls. Our system includes galvanized steel earth anchors, which embed in stable soil outside the foundation walls.

For less severe areas, Tom and his crew installed 9 CarbonArmor straps to halt any further movement of the wall.

These large repair projects took eight consecutive days to complete.

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