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At Baker’s Waterproofing, our experts know that real estate professionals have unique needs because of the industry.

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We understand the sensitive nature of a transaction when a concern is raised by an inspector or potential buyer.

We also know that you are working under strict deadlines that need to be met. Our goal is to respect the interest of all parties involved and help you successfully move towards closing.

Our team understands that a home in need of a basement waterproofing system may not sell very well. Or one that requires structural foundation repair may not sell at all.

Since many of the issues we repair are required to be disclosed to potential home buyers, realtors may need to discount homes that have foundation issues in order to sell the house.

We want to help you make the sale.

And we have a dedicated team that works with professionals in the real estate industry to do just that.

Whether your client is needing a waterproofing system installed, a foundation repaired, or a crawl space sealed, our team is here to help.

We can provide:

  • Free written estimates (under these conditions):
    • Homeowners
    • Contract Pending
    • Sale Pending
    • House under Contract
  • Fully transferable warranties
  • Priority scheduling
  • A dedicated team to assist real estate agents

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We have a team of 17 certified experts that offer brief presentations to real estate groups. If you have any questions, please contact us or reach out to a Baker’s rep you may already be working with, so you can meet with our team.

Click to view this short YouTube message from Brian Baker, Owner of Baker’s Waterproofing.

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