Wall Anchor Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

A Baker's Foundation Repair Case Study

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In 2003, Baker’s Waterproofing repaired a bowing and shearing foundation wall at a Pittsburgh home.

Now, 16 years later, a different wall in this basement experienced similar inward movement.

Our certified expert, Don Stiffler, re-visited the home to assess this new issue. Don designed a custom wall repair system to address the bowing wall and a vertical crack on the outside corner of the foundation.


Baker’s Waterproofing installed 2 Geo-Lock wall anchors and 2 CarbonArmor straps to permanently stabilize the foundation.

Our foreman, Brian Komen, and his crew completed this work in 1 day.

On the outside of the home, we carefully removed a portion of the sod to dig 2 earth anchor locations in the yard. Brian and his crew drove long, galvanized rods from the inside of the basement and out to these holes. The anchors were installed and the interior wall plates were placed over the rods.

Brian tightened the system components and restored the yard before attaching our carbon-fiber straps.

We filled a large vertical crack on the exterior of the foundation with hydraulic cement and attached two 2.5′ CarbonArmor straps. This was a unique solution for the above-grade crack located on the corner of the foundation. Our goal was to provide additional support to the foundation.

Our wall repair solution permanently stabilized the wall and prevented further inward movement.

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