A Settling Sarver Foundation is Now Permanently Stabilized

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A homeowner identified a cracked and settling foundation years ago. At first, he tried to fix the problem by filling in these concerning cracks with mortar. A couple years went by before he realized that “repointing” was not the right fix, only a short-term cover-up. Once he came to that conclusion, he called Baker’s Waterproofing to find the right fix. In 2016, Chris Shrontz, our tenured foundation repair specialist, completed an inspection of the inside and outside of this home. He documented the tell-tale signs of a foundation settlement issue. Chris measured a 3-inch settlement, so he designed a custom solution to properly address the home’s stability.

At the time, the homeowner was not financially ready to invest in this major home repair project. About 2 years later, he called and scheduled his project for the beginning of 2019.


Our crew, led by Foreman Brian Komen, installed 8 SettleStop Push Piers to stabilize this foundation. Brian and his crew excavated the soil in the specified work areas in order to reach the foundation footing. We secured 8 brackets to the footing, then drove galvanized steel tubes through the ground until we reached load-bearing strata.

We also installed a new external drain at the footing with a perforated pipe. This pipe was directed to the side of the yard.

Baker’s Waterproofing backfilled the work areas once we put this Sarver home back on solid ground.

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