Settling Foundation and Bowed Wall Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

A Baker's Waterproofing Repair Case Study

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A couple living in Pittsburgh, PA had been in their home since the 80’s. Over the last few years, the interior and exterior walls of their garage started to crack. There was no water coming in the garage, but the door to the outside was sticking and difficult to open.

The homeowners were concerned that the cracks would grow into a bigger issue over time.

The couple belonged to a local church that had work done by Baker’s Waterproofing in the past. They were impressed with our work at the church, and called our office to setup a free inspection for their home.

Certified Foundation Repair Specialist Tom McKee visited to survey the inside and outside of their home. He took note of all of the couple’s goals of permanently stabilizing the foundation, and designed a proposal that would work for their garage.

The couple was impressed with Tom’s presentation compared to any other waterproofing company. On the same day as the estimate, they called our office to schedule their installation.


Foreman Jeremy Staffen was leading the team for this installation.

Jeremy and his crew installed 4 galvanized push piers on the inside of the garage. The crew installed these four piers in completely stable soils below. This patented structural solution will keep the home from settling any further.

Jeremy returned to the home a few weeks later to install the carbon armor straps. Five stronger-than-steel straps were attached to the wall with strong epoxy to reinforce it and stop the movement from progressing.

The couple now has a completely stabilized garage!

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