Freezing And Thawing Effects Your Foundation

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Winter weather is in full force in the northwest, and snow and ice are a weekly expectation. As the temperature gets colder, it is important to address how the winter weather can effect (or cause!) your untreated foundation problems.

Freezing and Expansion

A common issue that causes cracks in foundation walls is freezing and thawing of the moisture in the ground around the home. Water can easily get into the pours of concrete or block foundation walls and freeze. The freezing causes expansion and can deteriorate the walls over time.

The cracks will only get larger, causing a much bigger repair down the line. Addressing this issue when you first notice it will also get you the lowest price. As the problem gets worst, the cost of repair goes up. Take action quickly and you’ll save yourself time and money in the future.

Excess Moisture

An excess of moisture in the soil around your home could also be a factor in the damage of your foundation. Similar to freezing, excess moisture in the soil causes the soil to expand. The expansion puts pressure on the walls of your foundation which can cause bowing and horizontal cracking.

Snow thaw creates excess moisture that is picked up by the soil, and can later freeze in existing cracks or pores as explained above. This problem is not exclusive to winter. Spring rains bring an excess of moisture to the soil, which can frost or freeze over with low temperatures overnight.

Soil Shrinkage

After the snow is completely gone, the ground may begin to lack moisture. This will cause the soil to “shrink” and move. Shrinking soil can be just as damaging as expanding soil. Shrinking soil has a similar effect in that it shifts the foundation wall.This is not only a summer problem, as many like to believe. The soil can shrink whenever it is lacking moisture, no matter the season. Additionally, foundation repairs can be done any time of the year. You don’t have to wait for warm weather to tackle your home’s failing foundation.

A professional foundation repair company can inspect your home and address any of these issues. If you suspect you may be having some of these issues in your home, contact Baker’s Waterproofing for a free inspection.

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