Foundation Repair in North Huntingdon, PA

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A homeowner in North Huntingdon, PA had called Baker’s Waterproofing in 2003 to waterproof his home. Years later, he spoke with one of our service advisors at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show about a bowed wall in his garage.

Paul Zaremski scheduled a free inspection with the homeowner at the home show.

Paul surveyed the garage. He noticed a 1 inch bow in the garage wall in addition to some growing cracks. Paul provided the homeowner with a solution that would stabilize the garage wall and may even straighten it over time.

The homeowner was happy with Paul’s solution and scheduled his installation that same day.


Foreman Dave Allen and his team installed 6 Geo-Lock channel anchors along one wall in the garage.

Dave dug holes on the exterior of the garage and placed an earth plate inside. He then drilled a rod from the inside of the garage to the earth plate in the ground and attached an anchor plate to the garage wall.

Dave tightened the anchors to make sure the wall was stable. This solution could potentially straighten the bowing wall over time.

This homeowner now has a stable garage in addition to his dry basement!

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