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4 Ways to Level Your Foundation

Feeling like your home isn’t as stable as it used to be? Foundation leveling might be the solution you need, and it’s less daunting with the support of seasoned foundation repair professionals like Baker’s Waterproofing.

This guide walks you through the essentials of foundation leveling, including why it might be necessary for your home, the benefits of a FREE foundation inspection, and our specialized installation process.

Does My Foundation Need Leveling?

The primary reason to level a foundation is to correct differential foundation settlement. This occurs when part of a home’s foundation settles deeper into the soil than other areas, causing an uneven base.

Differential settlement stems from issues like expansive clay soils that shift with moisture changes, poorly compacted soil during construction, or general soil erosion over time. Left unchecked, uneven foundations compromise a home’s structural stability.

Identifying Differential Settlement

Look for these common symptoms of differential foundation settlement:

Foundation Leveling: 4 Trusted Approaches

At Baker’s Waterproofing, we provide four key methods to ensure your home’s stability, customized for your specific situation. These include three types of foundation piers—helical, push, and slab piers— and crawl space jacks.

1. Helical Piers

installing helical piers for foundation leveling

Helical piers feature steel shafts with spiral blades at their ends, acting like screws to firmly anchor your property to the stable soil below. This technique guarantees a solid foundation for your home.

We begin with excavating around the foundation to expose the footing, followed by using hydraulic equipment to drive the piers into the ground. The spiral blades easily cut through the soil, anchoring securely as our experienced technicians guide them to the necessary depth.

Once in place, a durable steel bracket is securely attached to the foundation footing, effectively distributing the weight of the structure to the solid earth below.

Due to their versatility, helical piers are exceptionally suited for stabilizing lighter buildings across a variety of situations.

2. Push Piers

installing push piers for foundation leveling

Push piers are similar, but have a distinct design and installation procedure.

These piers are composed of elongated steel rods that are pushed into the ground after accessing the foundation footing.

After affixing a bracket to the footing, the piers are inserted through this bracket, extending past the unstable soil layers to reach the solid bedrock below. Also known as resistance piers, this system provides enduring stability for your home.

3. Slab Piers

crew installing slab piers for foundation leveling

Our slab pier system, tailored for concrete slab foundations, addresses and rectifies issues of settling. By acting as robust columns, these piers shift your home’s weight onto more stable soil, averting potential future settlement and shifts caused by expansive soils.

In addition to ensuring stability, slab piers strive to return your slab to its original position. They are a critical element of a comprehensive approach aimed at bolstering your home’s structural soundness, enhancing solutions such as basement waterproofing or crawl space repairs.

4. Crawl Space Jacks

crew installing crawl space jacks

For issues like sagging floors and related problems—including creaking, uneven surfaces, and visual discrepancies—our crawl space support posts are the solution. Designed specifically for crawl spaces, these solid steel supports reinforce weakened floor joists, promoting a uniformly level and firm floor.

With the capacity to support upwards of 24,000 lbs. each and subjected to stringent testing and certification, our posts adhere to the utmost safety and performance standards in the industry. They are a dependable method for strengthening the core structure of your home.

It’s important to note that these solutions permanently stabilize the foundation. Our foundation piers and crawl space jacks can potentially lift your home. There is no guarantee of raising your foundation or returning it to a completely level state.

Choose Baker’s Waterproofing for Trusted Foundation Leveling

Maintaining a healthy foundation is essential for your home’s safety and longevity. At Baker’s Waterproofing, we prioritize addressing foundation issues with precision and care. Our tailored foundation leveling solutions promise lasting stability and security.

Facing signs of foundation trouble? Act now by contacting Baker’s Waterproofing for a free inspection. Our skilled team will evaluate your foundation’s needs and suggest optimal solutions. Restore your foundation’s integrity and safeguard your home with Baker’s Waterproofing.


Costs vary based on various factors like problem severity, chosen solution, and house size. For an accurate price, contact Baker’s waterproofing. We provide free inspections, no-obligation repair estimates, transparent pricing, and financing options to meet your needs.

Foundation leveling requires professional expertise, equipment, and experience. DIY attempts can worsen the problem, leading to greater expense. Trust Baker’s Waterproofing for effective, professional service and customized repairs.

The project duration depends on the damage extent and the implemented solution. However, our efficient crews complete most residential jobs within a few days, minimizing disruption to your home.

Holly Richards-Purpura

Holly Richards-Purpura

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