Detached Garage Wall Stabilized in Valley Grove, WV

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A homeowner in Valley Grove, WV had a waterproofing system installed in the basement of his previous home. When he moved to a new house, and noticed a foundation issue, he knew who to call.

Service Advisor Don Stiffler went to the home to inspect the detached garage. The garage had significant cracks in the block wall from mine subsidence.

Don made sure to design a custom foundation repair solution that would stabilize the garage walls permanently. The homeowner trusted our methods, because of his previous home repair, so he scheduled the installation.


Foreman Dave Allen and his crew installed 6 channel anchors on the back wall of the garage. 

The homeowner had already excavated around the back of the garage, so Dave added the earth anchors in that stable soil.

Dave drilled steel rods through the garage wall on the interior our to the earth anchors. They mounted the channel anchors to the inside surface of the foundation wall and secured them to the floor.

Dave covered the excavated space in the yard, and left a tightening kit for the homeowner to tighten his channel anchors over time.

The homeowner was happy with his repair, and no longer has to worry about his garage!

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