Carbon Fiber Strap Wall Repair in Wexford, PA

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An unfinished basement in Wexford, PA had bowing concrete block walls. The realtor selling this home lost a sale due to the unstable foundation wall, so she called Baker’s Waterproofing for a permanent solution to help move towards closing.

Our certified expert, Paul Zaremski, inspected the inside and outside of the property with the realtor. Paul measured a bow less than 1 inch with minor horizontal cracks and stair-step cracks. Due to the limited yard area/landscaping and the minor bow, Paul designed a proposal to install our carbon fiber straps to stabilize the foundation.

The current homeowner called the next day to schedule the bowed wall repair project.


Our crew, led by Foreman Ken Kahlbaugh, installed our carbon fiber straps on the interior foundation. The total length of our product material was 32 feet (4 straps) including 3 brackets to stabilize the leaning wall, with the exception of one strap due to the duct work.

Our carbon fiber straps have fiber-reinforced polymers that contoured tightly against the basement wall using our high-strength epoxy resin. Our brackets bound and secured 3 of the 4 straps to the floor joists for additional stability. (Anchoring the wall to the rim joist helped prevent soil pressure from pushing the wall inward.)

In only 1 day, Ken and his crew successfully attached our wall repair system which provides a long-term solution for the next family.

Our carbon fiber wall system was the right solution to permanently stabilize this foundation, with zero disturbance to the outside yard. Now, this home is prepared to sell at a much higher value than before.

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