Bowing Foundation Wall Repair in Monongahela, PA

A Baker's Waterproofing Foundation Repair Case Study

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A homeowner recently began experiencing water problems as well as horizontal and stair-step foundation cracking. She didn’t want to address the leakage at the time of the inspection, because she wanted to invest in the wall repair project beforehand.

It is common for a leakage problem to go hand-in-hand with bowing, leaning foundation walls. And the sooner bowing walls are addressed, the more cost-effective the solution is for the homeowner.

Our Certified Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Specialist inspected the inside and outside of the house. Justin learned that the homeowner has resided in Monongahela since 1959. The numerous heavy rains in 2018 led to serious concerns for the structural integrity of her garage. She informed Justin that water saturated the ground and pooled in her yard during rainstorms.

This eventually led to leaking, leaning foundation walls.


Justin bid 9 wall anchors and 1 channel anchor to immediately and permanently stabilize the walls. Dave and his crew successfully completed this wall repair project in just 2 days.

One 7′ channel anchor was installed to address the shearing wall beneath the porch. Nine 12”x28” anchors were installed on the two bowing garage walls. Heavy-duty earth anchors were embedded in stable soil away from the foundation wall, and were then connected to steel anchors with long, galvanized rods. The crew tightened the anchors to hold the wall securely in its current position.

Baker’s Waterproofing successfully restored the structural integrity of this home with our patented solutions.

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