Bowed Wall Stabilization and Waterproofing in Bellaire, OH



A homeowner in Bellaire, Ohio had a structurally unsound foundation wall. This block wall is located alongside the garage. It had significant damage consisting of a 2” bow and multiple cracks. They also had a water leakage problem they hoped to take care of.

Our certified waterproofing and foundation repair specialist, Don Stiffler, inspected the property. The homeowner explained that she wanted to repair the wet basement/garage and crawl space once her children moved out of the space. For the time being, Don designed a wall repair system to address the structural damage.


David Cain and his crew repaired the bowed garage wall as per Don’s recommendations. We installed 5 five-foot channel anchors at this property.

Our crew marked the earth anchor locations in the yard and dug 5 deep holes. We drove 12-foot galvanized rods from the interior wall out to the marked locations. The earth anchors and interior channels were then attached to either end of the rod. Our channel anchors were mounted to the floor to provide extra wall support.

The channel anchor system continues to provide stability due to anchoring plates in stable soils far away from the foundation. Over time, the channel anchors can be torqued to potentially move the wall back towards its original position.

The following year, we completed work on the crawl space, basement, and garage.

Jacob and his crew installed 29 feet of 3” drainage piping and our encapsulation system in the 2.5-foot crawl space to address moisture. 

In the basement and garage area, we installed 90 feet of the wall vapor barrier and 90′ of below-floor drain. These systems addressed nearly the entire perimeter of the foundation. Our drain was tied into our sump pump system. Our sump pump discharge line exits through the foundation wall and runs underground, far away from the home. Our crew also installed a curtain drain in the yard.

The home’s foundation is structurally sound and the interior below-grade spaces are protected from standing water.

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