Bowed Wall Repair in Oakdale, PA

A Baker's Waterproofing Bowed Wall Repair Case Study

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A homeowner in Oakdale, PA noticed a horizontal crack along a wall in his basement. He wanted to get his basement finished, so he called Baker’s Waterproofing to set up a free inspection.

The homeowner moved in about 3 years ago. Recently, he decided to start refinishing his basement. When he began removing drywall, he discovered that his block basement walls had a serious structural issue. The front-facing and side-facing walls of this home experienced extreme pressures from the outside, causing the walls to move inwards and develop cracks over a period of time.

Tom, our certified foundation repair specialist, inspected the inside and outside of the foundation and measured an inward movement of 4 inches. Tom met with the homeowner and his father-in-law to design a specialized system to stabilize the basement walls.

The homeowner decided to move forward and scheduled a project date.


Bryan and his crew arrived promptly at the house to install our patented Geo-Lock wall anchor system.

Our crew went outside to mark the earth anchor locations, and marked the wall plate locations on the interior of the home as well.

Bryan and his crew carefully removed a portion of the sod to dig 8 earth anchor locations in the yard. Each hole was about 3 feet deep to ensure proper stabilization of the foundation walls. These were dug approximately 12 feet away from the foundation in stable soils.

We then drove a galvanized rod from the wall out to the stable soils where our earth anchors are located. Then, we connected each rod to each earth anchor.

On the interior of the foundation, Bryan and his crew attached wall plates and torqued the rod to the proper setting. This immediately stabilized the wall and provided opportunity for potential straightening of the walls over time.

Our crew replaced the soil and sod in the yard in the 8 work areas. We completed this wall stabilization project within just 1 day.

Now, the homeowner has a structurally-sound foundation and he can continue on with refinishing his basement.

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