Bowed Wall Repair in Dilliner, PA

A Baker's Waterproofing Case Study

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In Dilliner, PA, a homeowner noticed some cracks along a foundation wall in her garage. She’s lived in this home for about 28 years and has noticed an issue with this wall for about two years.

The homeowner had existing anchors along the front wall, so she knew what repair work was necessary for her home. She decided to give Baker’s Waterproofing a call to set up the free inspection.

Our certified foundation expert, Paul, visited the home in Dilliner to evaluate the garage wall. Paul measured a 1-inch bow and identified a few cracks along the wall. He recognized indications of water in the wall and the base of the wall, but she didn’t want to move forward with waterproofing work.

Paul designed a solution to stabilize the foundation wall with our patented wall repair system.

The homeowner hired us to complete the repairs and quickly received a project date.


Our foreman, David, and his crew install 2 of our patented Geo-Lock wall anchors to stop the wall from further inward movement.

Our crew first marked the earth anchor locations in the yard, and marked the wall plate locations on the interior of the home as well.

David and his crew carefully removed a portion of the sod to dig 2 earth anchor holes. Each hole was dug about 3 feet deep to ensure the anchors would properly stabilize the wall. Also, these holes were located about 12 feet away from the foundation (in stable soils).

On the interior of the garage, our crew drove rods out to the earth anchors and tightened them into place. Then, they attached the interior wall plates and torqued the rods to the proper weight. This patented system immediately stabilized the wall.

In one day, our crew restored the structural integrity of the homeowner’s foundation.

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