Bowed Wall Repair in Coraopolis, PA

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A split entry home in Coraopolis has short basement walls that started to bow to due extreme pressures from the outside soils. The homeowner was unsure when the issue started, but noticed continued inward movement and cracks in the drywall.

Our certified expert, Doug Ross, completed a thorough inspection of this home. Doug measured a 2-inch bow in the center of the basement wall, so he designed a wall anchor system to permanently stabilize the structure.


The homeowner received his same-day estimate and chose to move forward with Baker’s Waterproofing.

Our Foreman, Bryan Telegraphis, and his crew installed our wall anchor system to fix the wall.

Bryan and his crew dug holes in the yard for the 5 earth anchors and prepared the foundation wall to drive steel rods to these holes. The crew secured the earth anchor plates to the rod and attached the interior wall plates. We tightened the system, cut excess rod, and replaced the existing soil and sod in the yard.

We permanently stabilized the foundation wall in only one day at this Coraopolis home.

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