Basement Transformation in Rayland, OH

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A Rayland, OH homeowner hired a restoration company to finish their basement space. The restoration company began to pull back the wall paneling when they discovered incoming water and cracking in the block walls. They recommended the homeowner waterproof the space before trying to finish it. The homeowner called Baker’s Waterproofing for a solution.

Service Advisor Paul Zaremski performed a free estimate at the home. He made sure to design a solution that would keep the basement completely dry in order for the homeowner to finish it in the future. The homeowner was motivated to get the project done as soon as possible and trusted Baker’s Waterproofing to complete the installation.


Foreman Theron Block led the installation at the home.


Theron and his crew began by installing 18 Carbon Fiber straps along two of the basement walls. As he was removing the paneling on the walls, he discovered more locations that needed reinforcement. Theron added 17 more Carbon Fiber straps on the other walls to ensure they were stable as well. 30 of the straps were combined with bands and brackets to provide extra support.


Theron and his crew installed 166 feet of the our drainage system around the entire perimeter of the basement. The system led to 2 sump pumps with battery backup that would carry the water to the exterior of the home. Theron advised the homeowner that addressing the walls was crucial to keeping the basement dry, especially if they had plans on using dry wall at a later time. The homeowner agreed, and Theron added on 166 feet of the wall vapor barrier.

On the exterior, Theron extended the downspouts so the water could escape through the YardWell outlet. He attached an FreezeGuard fitting to the discharge line to protect against clogging or freezing. Theron also addressed the homeowner’s window wells by adding window well covers. They keep out dirt, debris, and water, but allow light to come through.

This waterproofing and foundation repair will allow the homeowner to finish their basement with peace of mind that it is dry and stable!

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