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A Home’s Foundation Turns into Usable, Living Space

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Groundwater leaked through a 130-year-old foundation near Stanton Heights in Pittsburgh. This basement had damp, flaky walls with uneven floors made up of concrete, dirt, and brick.

Our Certified Waterproofing Specialist, Tom McKee, provided a free no-obligation estimate. He completed a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of this old foundation. Tom took measurements of the basement and designed a custom solution based on the homeowner’s needs and concerns.

The depth of the footing is difficult to determine on this type of foundation. Tom estimated the footing to be between 2 to 6 inches beneath the floor in various areas. He told the Foreman to prepare our thin-floor drain for install since the depth varies. During installation, the crew had another obstacle, a plumbing issue that pushed the project back 3 days.


We installed a full perimeter waterproofing system including a below-floor drain, sump pump system, and wall vapor barrier. Then, we installed drainage in the yard to prevent water from re-entering the basement.

On the first day, Theron and his crew dug a small perimeter trench and sump hole to install our system. Our unique interior drain fit on top of the foundation footing, so the thin-floor drain was not used in this project.

When they arrived on the second day, the sump hole was filled with sewage water. The homeowner’s plumber found major sewage issues that required re-plumbing and demolition work. Three days later, the issue was resolved and our crew continued the project.

The bright, white wall vapor barrier easily attached to the damp, flaky walls. Theron tucked the bottom of the vapor barrier behind a small wall flange to collect any leaks.

The crew connected our drain to the sump pump system which includes 1 pump and 1 battery backup pump. They led the sump pump line from the basement to the outside of the foundation. This drain extends underground about 20 feet away from the house and allows water to surface at the grated outlet.

It is expected that old foundations will leak at some point. But now water leakage is not an issue with our proven basement waterproofing system.

Call our team at Baker’s Waterproofing today to set up your free no-obligation estimate.

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