A Settling Home Repaired in West Mifflin, PA

A Baker's Waterproofing Foundation Repair Case Study

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After 25 years living in their home, a husband and wife started to notice their foundation shifting and settling.

The couple at this West Mifflin home discovered cracks in the basement. These cracks were negatively affecting the rest of their home. The doors and windows were sticking and were very hard to open.

First, they attempted patching the foundation cracks. They knew the house wouldn’t fix itself, so they called Baker’s Waterproofing for a permanent solution.


Our certified expert, Justin Lowden, inspected the interior and exterior foundation. Justin designed a custom proposal to permanently address the home’s settling structure. He identified a gutter downspout dumping roof water directly against the foundation, so we recommended an easy fix for that issue.

Justin bid 8 galvanized SettleStop Push Piers to support the back of the structure and our underground LawnScape downspout extension to keep water away from the foundation.

The homeowner received a same-day proposal for the estimated work and scheduled her project.

Our crew, led by Foreman Brian Komen, installed our foundation repair system and downspout extension pipe.

We dug a small trench to lay about 15 feet of piping in the yard to a small gravel pit where roof water will escape through a camouflaged, grated outlet. Brian and his crew drove galvanized steel tube sections through steel foundation brackets to reach the depths of competent load-bearing strata. We locked them into place to transfer the weight of the home from the unstable soils, through the piers, to the competent soil far below.

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