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The Benefits of Crawl Space Drainage

Protecting your home with a proper crawl space drain and other waterproofing and repair solutions is crucial. Baker's Waterproofing can help!

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Keep Water Out of Your Crawl Space for Good! 

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The weather throughout Pennsylvania can be wet and wild with year-round precipitation in the form of rain or snow. All the water saturating the ground underneath and around your foundation needs somewhere to go, and the clay soil common throughout the state is typically poorly drained.  

This can spell trouble for your home, particularly your crawl space. A home built on top of a crawl space has the advantage of housing essential systems like plumbing, wiring, ductwork, and even HVAC units in this below-grade area. But it is a delicate and often dangerous part of the house that can suffer significant damage from water intrusion. 

That is why you need crawl space drainage you can rely on to keep your crawl space dry, safe, and functional. The expert team at Baker’s Waterproofing can help. Our specially designed crawl space perimeter drain, coupled with a sump pump, will take care of any groundwater or leaking water that can threaten your crawl space. Let’s take a look at what could be going on in your crawl space and how we can help fix it. 

Why Is Water in My Crawl Space? 

Water can leak into or flood your crawl space for a variety of reasons including: 

crawl space standing water

Open vents – If your crawl space has vents along the foundation walls, this can easily allow any rain, snow, or flooding water into your crawl space. 

Other openings – Any cracks, gaps, holes, or other openings in crawl space walls also can introduce water into the below-grade space. 

Groundwater – Most crawl spaces have uncovered dirt floors, so water saturating the soil can easily seep through and soak this area under your home. 

Pipe problems – Because a vented dirt crawl space is largely exposed to the elements, any pipes running through the space can easily corrode, freeze, and burst. Small amounts of water could consistently drip out of them, or large quantities could flood the crawl space if the break is severe. 

How Will I Know There Is Water in the Crawl Space? 

Because of its tight, delicate, and often hazardous nature, we do not recommend that you go into your crawl space to investigate the potential presence of water or any other issue. But there are ways you can tell water is in your crawl space without having to set foot inside the small space under your house. 

  • Condensation on windows 
  • Higher electric and energy bills 
  • Sagging, uneven floors 

These problems throughout your home can mean there is water or other issues within your crawl space. When you first notice any of these problem signs, it’s best to contact the local crawl space repair and encapsulation experts at Baker’s Waterproofing for professional guidance. 

How Baker’s Waterproofing Can Help You 

Our knowledgeable team has extensive training and onsite experience under their belts, and they are best positioned to complete a thorough inspection of your crawl space. They will get to the root of and properly diagnose your crawl space problems. 

Among the many customizable repair solutions for your crawl space, our professionals might recommend the installation of our crawl space drain – also sometimes referred to as an interior French drain – to help keep your crawl space and the rest of your home dry, safe, and healthy. While there are many drainage options available, our AquaStop CrawlDrain™ system stands above the rest as the most effective. 

Why AquaStop CrawlDrain™ is a Superior Crawl Space Drainage System 

We know all too well how problematic crawl spaces can be, so we wanted to design an interior crawl space drainage system best suited to handle problems like flooding, groundwater, and other leaks. 

When we install crawl space drainage, our team will dig trenches around the interior perimeter of the crawl space, and then place AquaStop CrawlDrain™ in these trenches within the dirt floor. The filter fabric surrounding the drainage pipes helps filter out dirt, mud, sediment, and other debris so the channel will not clog. 

This system works perfectly with our other crawl space solutions to create a comprehensive waterproofing and encapsulation system. Here’s how it works: 

Any leaking water or groundwater that could infiltrate the crawl space is intercepted by our AquaStop CrawlDrain™ interior drainage system. The water it collects is drained into a sump pump system so it can be pumped out of the crawl space and away from the home’s foundation. Drainage matting also can be placed on the floor to help direct any water to the perimeter drainage system. 

Then, an impermeable 20-mil vapor barrier is placed on the walls and floor to fully encapsulate the crawl space and isolate it from the earth. This system is waterproof, so it helps keep water and moisture at bay, as well. 

To top it off, an energy-efficient dehumidifier is installed to not only control moisture and humidity but also clean and filter the air and help reduce odors and potential mold growth. This self-draining system can be connected to the sump pump, so there are no buckets or reservoirs to worry about emptying. 

Additionally, vent covers will be placed on the home’s exterior to seal off open vents, and insulation panels can be placed on the walls before encapsulating with the vapor barrier. 

Contact Baker’s Waterproofing for Effective Crawl Space Drainage 

As you can see, effective crawl space drainage is just one piece of the puzzle, but a very important piece. It can help you prevent a host of problems including flooding, mold growth, and structural instability. 

To learn how you can protect your crawl space with the best drainage system, contact Baker’s Waterproofing today to schedule a free inspection and repair estimate with one of our experts! 

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