Crawlspace Encapsulation in Terra Alta, WV

A Baker's Waterproofing Crawl Space Repair Case Study

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This Terra Alta, WV homeowner had just moved into his home. He noticed that his crawlspace was very damp and was causing condensation on the floor and walls. There was an existing vapor barrier system in the crawlspace to try and keep moisture out, but it was ineffective.

He was not yet noticing mold or a musty smell upstairs, but he had seen insects around the crawlspace area. Since he wanted to live here in his home for a long time, he called the experts to get the problem permanently solved.


Our certified waterproofing and foundation repair specialist Jesse Pitcock gave a full interior and exterior survey of the home. Keeping the homeowner’s budget in mind, he designed a proposal that would permanently fix the moisture problem in the crawlspace.

After a few weeks, the homeowner decided that this was the best way to solve his damp crawlspace issue, so he scheduled the project.

Foreman Jacob Shumar and his crew installed a full crawlspace encapsulation system. Drainage matting was put in to lead flooding water toward the drainage piping and out the SmartSump crawlspace sump pump. A IceGuard discharge line and downspout extensions were installed on the exterior to keep water away from the home’s foundation.

SilverGlo crawlspace insulation was put on the walls to hold back moisture and direct flooding water down to your drainage and sump pump system. CleanSpace moisture barrier was installed on the walls and floors to keep moisture from passing through.

Spray foam insulation and door and vent covers were installed to seal off the crawlspace and keep outside air from getting into the home.

Jacob and his crew quickly installed our Sani-Dry Sedona dehumidifier to ensure that this home has clean, dry air and to help protect the crawl space from mold and other damage.

This crawlspace will no longer be an issue for this homeowner.

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