Basement and Crawlspace Waterproofing in Dawson, PA

A Baker's Waterproofing Crawl Space Repair Case Study


A Dawson, PA homeowner has lived at this property for 56 years. She recently began experiencing water in her basement and crawlspace in the previous few years. After a few heavy rainstorms flooded her home, she set up a few waterproofing estimates, including a free estimate with Baker’s Waterproofing.

The homeowner hopes to sell her home within five years, so she needed a permanent solution.

Her concerns were with the trouble of cleaning up the water, decreased home value, and that the flooding water will only persist. She was looking for her below-grade spaces to be dry and mold-free.

Our Certified Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Specialist, Shawn Jackson, inspected the home in Dawson. He inspected the inside and outside of the foundation and sat down with the homeowner to build a custom proposal based on their needs and concerns.

This home had a small basement with a big issue.


The homeowner liked our solution to the problem and moved forward with the waterproofing project.

In the crawlspace:

Our foreman, Ken Kahlbaugh, and his crew installed 182 feet of our dimpled CleanSpace drainage matting on the dirt floor and CleanSpace encapsulation system (moisture barrier) on the floor and walls. Ken and his crew installed 50 feet of 3-inch piping for drainage and our TripleSafe sump pump system with the UltraSump battery backup pump.

In the basement:

Ken and his crew installed 20 feet of our below-floor WaterGuard drain at the foundation floor-wall joint. Ken attached our CleanSpace vapor barrier to this 20-foot area as well to catch any wall leaks before it enters the basement.

On the outside:

Ken’s crew led the TripleSafe sump pump lines to the outside of the foundation. Directly outside, they installed 2 slotted IceGuard fittings to act as emergency overflow in the event of a clogged or frozen underground pipe. The sump line was led underground and away from the home (about 15 feet) to the LawnScape outlet for water to surface.

Our installation crew addressed the soggy yard with our curtain drain.

The system works as one to prevent future basement flooding. Never again will the homeowner have to deal with the nuisance of water in her home!

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