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4 Effective Ways To Eliminate Crawl Space Moisture

A crawl space is a small basement.

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In homes with a crawl space, the living area is so close to the crawl space that moisture and unsafe air infiltrate the home. The air inside the crawl space is musty and full of mold and dust. This not only affects your family’s health and comfort, but it also damages the structure of your home and costs you more money than you know in heating and cooling bills.

Moisture can get in the crawlspace a number of ways.

When you install a full crawlspace encapsulation, you isolate the crawlspace air and mitigate the damage to your home and your health.

Here are 4 solutions that work together to give you a completely dry crawl space:

1. Drainage System

Making sure the water does not linger in the crawlspace is a top priority. By installing a drainage system and sump pump, you are giving the water a place to exit the home. It will not have the chance to produce mold or mildew or create damage to the foundation.

2. Wall System

Installing a vapor barrier over the walls and floors of the crawlspace help to seal outside air and keep moisture out.To prevent water from collecting under the vapor barrier, drainage matting could also be installed underneath the liner. This will provide water with a channel to the perimeter drain and sump pump.Vapor barriers also stop air movement from the ground. This helps regulate the temperature in the space, which makes your floors warmer in the winter and makes your heating and cooling bills decrease.

3. Vent Covers

Outside air is a natural enemy of a crawlspace. When the weather is warm, humid air passes through vents in the crawlspace. In the crawlspace, it cools down, creating condensation. When the weather is cold, that freezing air is entering your home and creating a cold first floor of your home.Condensation creates that musty, moldy environment and damages organic materials, like wood. Sealing off the outside air will keep the crawlspace cool and dry, and can additionally help with the heating and cooling in your home.

4. Dehumidifier

Moisture creates mold. Once that moldy air is in your crawlspace, it can circulate throughout your home. Dehumidifiers remove any dust, mold, or allergens from the air and take away that musty smell.Dehumidifiers maintain a proper humidity level, taking care of any lasting moisture. This further protects against any mold or wood rot, and prevents structural damages to your home.

We’ve never met a crawlspace that didn’t need our help!Whether you’d like to stop your crawl space from flooding, dehumidify the space, add structural support, or simply insulate it for enhanced energy savings, fixing your crawlspace can only benefit you and your home.If you’re experiencing crawlspace issues, contact Baker’s Waterproofing today for a permanent solution.

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