Sunken Slabs Lifted in Jeannette, PA

Concrete lifting with innovative PolyRenewal benefits home's appearance and safety.

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A husband and wife noticed signs of slab settlement about three years after he built their home. Over the next 15 years, the problem got much worse.

The gap between the sidewalk slab and porch slab was a major issue because the wife is in an electric wheelchair. She no longer had access from the back porch to the backyard due to the extremely sunken slab.

One of our certified experts inspected the home in Jeannette, PA. The slab settled about three inches into the unstable soil below. The sidewalk slab near the front of the home was also sinking. The husband wanted these issues corrected, so he wouldn’t have to worry about his wife and her limited access in the wheelchair.

We provided a same-day estimate for the work to be completed.


The husband and wife hired Baker’s Waterproofing to lift and stabilize their concrete slabs. They received a project date the same day of the estimate and we placed them on the move-up list due to limited wheelchair mobility.

Our concrete repair foreman and his crewman installed our PolyRenewal™ slab solution.

We drilled holes into the slabs and inserted small ports. Our Foreman carefully injected our structural-grade polymer into the empty voids below the slabs for an accurate lift.

Now, the husband and wife do not have to worry about the limited access to their home–these sidewalk slabs have been successfully lifted and stabilized.

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