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How To Fix And Improve Your Home’s Concrete

Taking care of your concrete is taking care of the people that visit your home.

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Concrete sections around your home such as sidewalks, steps, driveways and pool decks could be a potential danger to you and your family if they are cracked or uneven.

If you notice uneven concrete or simply want to protect your concrete from the damaging effects of this ever-changing weather, there are multiple solutions to remedy the problem.

Here are a few ways that Baker’s Waterproofing can improve the concrete around your home.

1. Filling Concrete Cracks and Joints with PolyRenewal™®

When pressure is placed on a concrete slab, cracks can occur, causing a portion of it to sink into the soil. This void allows moisture to seep beneath the concrete and wash away even more soil.

Filling in concrete cracks and the joints between slabs with PolyRenewal will prevent moisture from seeping underneath and will keep those slabs level. Plus, it will improve the look of the concrete around your home.

2. Concrete Lifting with PolyRenewal

Uneven concrete slabs are a concerning trip hazard. Adding structural-grade polymers to lift and stabilize your slabs can return the concrete to the desired level.

PolyRenewal is a quick and permanent solution to this common issue.

3. Proactively Sealing Concrete with Sealant

A new driveway, patio, or sidewalk calls for protection on your home’s investment. Adding a molecular-binding sealant to your new concrete will keep moisture out and will protect against cracking and flaking.

Our special sealant dries in minutes and will extend the life of your concrete by 3-5 times its life.

4. Protecting Naturally Expanding and Contracting Slabs with CompressionGuard

As continuous force from roads and driveways push concrete slabs together, tremendous pressure causes driveways or garage floors to crack. This slab collision also causes damage to your home’s foundation.

CompressionGuard absorbs the pressure of this concrete movement, therefore minimizing cracking and foundation damage. 

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your concrete, Baker’s Waterproofing can help.

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