What To Do Immediately After A Flood Damages Your Basement

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When disaster strikes and our homes are damaged, we can often be left wondering what to do next. The stress of a basement flood and property destruction is a lot to handle. Knowing what to do before your basement floods can help you address the issue quickly and efficiently.

Here are a few things you can do AFTER a flood damages your basement:

Who to call?

Finding the source of the incoming moisture will help you determine who to call.

Water coming from pipes, sewage lines, or plumbing systems require a plumber to address the issue. If the water is coming through cracks in the foundation, basement floor, or up through the floor joints, a waterproofing contractor would be the right person for the job.

If you’re unable to determine the source of the leak on your own, a licensed basement waterproofing company will be able to find the root of the issue for you. Some companies offer free estimates, even if they can’t solve the problem long-term.

What resources are available?

The landmass of the United States is so vast that there are many different climates across the country. Varying climates mean the type of soil will retain different amounts of water. The soil type could be an explanation of how water is getting into your home.

Basement flooding is a common problem in most areas around the country, especially areas with more temperate climates, that experience a fair amount of precipitation each year. The ground is already holding moisture, and when heavy storms come, the soil simply can’t retain any more, causing the water to search for a new place to go.

Searching for trustworthy information when a home tragedy occurs can get a bit confusing, especially when looking for resources categorized by state. Below we’ve compiled an easy to navigate list of resources that can assist you if your basement floods.

Need a contractor?
Need a contractor?
West Virginia
Need a contractor?

Typically, homeowners’ insurance will not cover a basement flood. If the water is found to have come from a burst pipe, broken appliance or fixture, the insurance policy will apply–but if the source is a crack, gap or damaged window seal, there’s nothing that can be done by Insurance.

Because of this, many waterproofing professionals have set up financing programs, to help homeowners when insurance doesn’t cover the damage. If this is important to you, be sure to look for a contractor that offers a financing program before giving them a call.

What should you expect?

The stress of a water event is a lot to handle, and having a clear idea of what’s going to happen next can do a lot to relieve that stress. There are some home improvement projects you can tackle to help keep water away from your home, but they will not protect against incoming ground water.

There are a variety of ways to protect your home from groundwater, and the course of action to be taken will depend upon your home’s specific needs. Factors such as the material of the foundation, the type of soil around the home, and the amount of groundwater in the area will all play into the final system and which products will be used to protect the home from further incidents. A waterproofing contractor will discuss all of these factors with you when deciding the custom solution for your home.

If you’ve experienced a flood or serious water event in the basement, the experts here at Baker’s Waterproofing are here to help, reach out today!



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