Wet Basement Repair in Petersburg, OH

A Baker's Waterproofing Repair Case Study

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A homeowner in Petersburg, OH purchased a home a few years ago and realized that he had a water problem in his storage room that was only getting worse. Also, he noticed a weird smell in the storage room that he wanted to address as well.

His mother called Baker’s Waterproofing to set up a free estimate to fix these issues.

Our certified basement waterproofing specialist, Jon, met with the homeowner and his parents to do a thorough inspection of the storage room. There was evidence of water and moisture along the walls.

After speaking with the homeowner about the issues that were going on; Jon found out the homeowner had a few other estimates before ours. Jon was able to explain what was going on and design a waterproofing system to fix the problem.

The homeowner appreciated how Jon went over how water enters the home and the products we use to fix it. He decided to move forward with the waterproofing project!


Our Foreman Drew, and his crew dug a small trench to the footer to install 105 feet of our Below-Floor WaterGuard drain system that will channel the water to our TripleSafe Ultra sump pump so the water can discharge from the home.

In addition, we installed 105 feet of our CleanSpace vapor barrier to collect leaks and channel water to the sump pump. To help with the excess moisture, we installed our SaniDry Sedona that will control humidity levels.

On the exterior, our crew dug 7 feet of buried downspout extensions to channel the water away from the foundation. After that, they replaced the soil and sod.

Also, the crew installed 1 SunHouse Window Well to ensure no water comes in. This durable plastic won’t rust or rot over time!

Now the homeowner no longer has to deal with water and moisture.

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