Partial Basement Waterproofing System in Ambridge, PA

A Baker's Basement Waterproofing Case Study

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A homeowner and her son in Ambridge, PA lived in this home for over 20 years and planned to stay for another few years.

The very first year she moved in, she discovered leakage issues. Water was coming in through one corner of the basement. And what concerned her the most was the water being held in the concrete block walls.

Typically, she would discover small puddles of water in her basement after it rained.

Our advisor inspected the home and met with the homeowner and her son. She told us that she was getting multiple bids for the work. She was looking for a reasonable price and a good company.

The homeowner set aside a budget for the work and hoped to create a dry living space to use for storage.

They only wanted to waterproof one small area. It was not leaking in other areas, so they requested a partial system.


In 2015, they hired us to waterproof the basement.

Our crew, led by Scott Clark, installed one sump pump, 20 feet of the WaterGuard drain, and sprayed the 20-foot area with Mold-X2. The sump pump had a discharge line that exited through the basement wall and was taken about 20 feet away from the home.

Two years later, they scheduled their maintenance appointment with our Service Technician, Chris Trump. The sump liner was cleaned out and the system flood tested.

In 2018, the homeowner’s son called us again.

Three years earlier, they did not want to waterproof the entire basement. Now, water began leaking in a new area that we did not previously repair.

We inspected the area to bid additional perimeter drainage. They were happy with our previous work and hired us to extend the system.

Our foreman Ken Kahlbaugh and his crew installed the additional work. Ken added 31 feet of our WaterGuard drain to keep this basement dry.

The crews led by Scott and Ken both completed their work in less than one day.

The homeowner told us again that they were happy and that Ken did an awesome job.

Now, this basement is dry!

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