Interior Waterproofing System in Bulger, PA

Baker's Waterproofing Case Study

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Homeowners in Bulger, PA recently dealt with the most water they’ve ever had in their basement, and it destroyed their basement floors. They were preparing to sell the house, so they wanted to make the repairs right away.

One of our Certified Waterproofing Professionals and Foundation Repair Specialists, inspected the inside and outside of the house. He designed a custom waterproofing solution that addressed the homeowners’ needs and concerns. He gave the homeowners a detailed proposal and left it up to them to schedule the project.


Ken Kahlbaugh, our top performing Foreman, and his crewman installed our unique interior drainage system and sump pump system in the basement. The crew installed our WaterGuard below-floor drain and a thin, modified version of this drain, called None, along nearly half of the perimeter. Ken and his crew tied the below-floor drainage system into our durable and reliable TripleSafe sump pump system.

During the next heavy rain, any water that tries to enter through the foundation will be directed through our drainage system, into our sump pump system, and will be discharged out of the basement and daylight at the end of the existing downspout.

Our transferrable warranty is ideal for buyers, plus, the sump pump system includes our UltraSump battery back-up pump. This means that when the new owners can’t get home or go on vacation, they don’t have to worry about a heavy rain or power outage leaving them with a wet basement–this area will stay dry!

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