Most basement water problems can be fixed with simple solutions

Drying a Wet BasementWater can get inside your basement through cracks, joints and porous concrete.Many homeowners think that having a dry basement is impossible. They accept the damp, musty and moldy space below their home because they think there is no other way, or that it’s too expensive to fix.

At Baker’s Waterproofing, we make it possible to have a dry basement. We offer a number of complete waterproofing systems to deliver the ultimate dry basement solution. 

Here’s how we fix wet basements: 

Remove Water

The WaterGuard interior perimeter drainage system is a non-clogging alternative to a traditional French drain system.WaterGuard works together with our TripleSafe sump pump to quickly and effectively remove water that has made its way inside your home.The result is a basement that’s clean and dry, so you can use the space for storage, entertaining, and more.  

Dry & Filter the Air

To keep your home dry all the time, we recommend adding a high-performance SaniDry dehumidifier and air filtration system.

It helps lower the humidity in your basement to reduce allergens and mold and eliminate dampness and musty odors.  

Finish the Basement

Looking to transform your concrete floor and walls into a beautiful, finished basement space you’ll love?

We offer moisture-resistant basement wall liners and faux-wood flooring that make basement finishing easy. 

Dry basements are possible if the proper drainage systems and sump pumps are installed. A dry basement also requires a trustworthy system to pump the water out of the basement and away from the house.

Every member of Baker’s Waterproofing is trained to tackle any wet basement problem. Get a dry basement system designed for your home with a no cost, no obligation estimate.

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