Garage Wall Repair and Waterproofing in Bethel Park, PA

A Baker's Waterproofing Repair Case Study

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A Bethel Park homeowner called our team to repair their bowed, cracked foundation. One of the garage walls leaned inward about 2 inches and sheared at the bottom block. It was important to prevent further inward movement before the foundation’s inevitable collapse.

Mark McCullough, one of our Certified Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Specialists, found a water leakage issue during the foundation inspection. Mark designed a custom proposal that addressed this damp, unstable foundation.


Dave Allen and his crew successfully installed our wall and waterproofing systems within 2 days.

The water leakage issue was controlled with 23 feet of our below-floor WaterGuard drain, 1 TripleSafe sump pump system, and 28 feet of an underground discharge extension called LawnScape.

The perimeter of the floor was dug out to place our drain on top of the foundation footing in a bed of gravel. Similarly, a small sump pit was dug out to install our system with 1 Zoeller pump and 1 battery-powered UltraSump pump inside the airtight sump liner. Dave and his crew flood tested the waterproofing system, then restored the floor.

The garage wall was permanently stabilized with 4 seven-foot tall Geo-Lock channel anchors. The seven-foot channels were connected to 16″x16″ exterior plates underground by 12-foot long steel rods. Placing the anchors in stable soils far away from the foundation permanently stabilized the foundation wall.

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