Full Perimeter Waterproofing System Installed in Youngstown, OH

A Baker's Waterproofing Installation Case Study

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A homeowner from Youngstown, OH was renting to a family member of his. His completely finished basement was getting water running through the walls whether or not it was raining. The water was permanently staining the carpet and starting diminishing the dry wall.

He removed some of the dry wall and noticed a lot of water coming in. He was hoping to sell in the coming years and wanted the job completed beforehand.

Our certified waterproofing expert, Jon, evaluated the interior and exterior of the home. During his visit, Jon assesed the owner’s goals for the repair and designed a full perimeter solution that would meet those goals.

Jon stressed the importance of getting it fixed before attempting to sell. The homowner agreed and scheduled the installation.


On the day of the project, foreman Dave Cain led his crew in installing 114 feet of our below-floor WaterGuard drain to capture water at the foundation footing and channel it to our TripleSafe sump pump to discharge water out of the basement. The drainage system is covered with fresh concrete, so flooring can be installed at a later time.

4 feet up the wall, our crew installed 114 feet of our durable CleanSpace vapor barrier to stop moisture from entering the basement and lead wall leaks down to the drain below. This will protect the dry wall from any water damage without having to tear the dry wall completely down.

The walls and carpet will no longer be wet or damaged, and the homeowner can sell knowing the basement is permanently dry!

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