Full Perimeter Basement Waterproofing System in Pittsburgh, PA

A Baker's Waterproofing Repair Case Study


A Pittsburgh homeowner had a leaking basement for years. He and his wife were not happy with their basement walls, foul odors, mold, or leaks that ruined the basement.

They first got in contact with Baker’s Waterproofing at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show.

At a later date, Mark McCullough, one of our certified waterproofing specialists, arrived at their home for the scheduled inspection. Mark inspected the foundation and designed a full perimeter basement waterproofing system to address their previously mentioned concerns.


Our crew installed 116 feet of our below-floor WaterGuard drain to control foundation leaks. They sprayed our Mold-X2 stain remover on each wall to get rid of mold and prevent growth in the future. We attached 116 feet of our CleanSpace vapor barrier to the walls to improve the basement walls’ appearance. (CleanSpace includes an anti-microbial protection to prevent mold from growing on the liner itself.)

The below-floor drainage system was led inside of the TripleSafe sump pump system. The sump includes 2 pumps to keep the basement dry, 1 Zoeller pump and 1 UltraSump battery backup pump.

On the home’s exterior, our crew led the sump pump discharge line to the outside of the wall. We attached 2 slotted IceGuard fittings on the lines to provide water with an emergency exit in the rare event of a frozen or clogged line.

This basement has stayed dry since our crew installed this full perimeter waterproofing system.

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