Complete Basement Waterproofing System in Connellsville, PA

A Baker's Waterproofing Installation Case Study

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Water-damaged concrete block walls from the past 40 years.

A complete waterproofing system consists of a sump pump with a battery-powered pump, interior drain, dehumidifier, and wall vapor barrier.

Water escapes from the basement and daylights at the end of our underground discharge extension.


A homeowner in Connellsville had water issues for over 40 years.

The basement and garage were both leaking and showed visible signs of water damage. Previously, they had tried Drylock, but the water continued to leak into this home.

To get started on the repairs, her daughter and son-in-law helped set up a free inspection with Baker’s Waterproofing. Mike inspected the inside and outside of the home to build a custom system that addressed all of their concerns. They received their same-day estimate and chose to move forward with the repair work.


At a later date, our crew installed Mike’s proposed system to fix the leakage problem.

Foreman David and his crew installed a complete waterproofing system to prevent basement flooding.

The crew installed an interior below-floor drainage system (called WaterGuard) to control foundation leaks. They led this unique perimeter drain to the airtight TripleSafe sump pump where water can be discharged from the basement. To address the water-damaged walls, David and his crew attached our white CleanSpace vapor barrier to improve the space and stop water, water vapor, and humidity from passing through.

They addressed any excess moisture in the air with the installation of our energy-efficient SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier.

Once water travels through the discharge piping, it daylights at the end of the LawnScape outlet in the gravel driveway. The family’s favorite investment was the UltraSump battery backup pump. In just one rainstorm during a power outage, this pump paid for itself and saved them a lot of grief.

This complete system was tied together to successfully pump water away from the home even during the heaviest rainstorms.

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