Church Basement and Elevator Waterproofed in Pittsburgh, PA

A Baker's Waterproofing Repair Case Study

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A church in Pittsburgh, PA had an elevator shaft that was getting water in 2018. There was an existing sump pump system that was ineffective. The church needed to get the water problem solved so they could pass building inspections, so they called Baker’s Waterproofing.

Our service advisor Mark McCullough inspected the elevator shaft at the church and provided them with a custom-designed solution for their problem.

A year after the installation in the elevator shaft, the church called Baker’s again for a room in the church basement.

The room previously had wood flooring, but it was warped and rotting away. After tearing up the flooring, they knew they needed to find a permanent fix. They called Mark to come back to look at the space.

Mark proposed a full-perimeter waterproofing system for the basement that would keep water from damaging anything else. The church board was pleased with the elevator installation, so they scheduled us for the waterproofing install.


Foreman Ken Kahlbaugh led both installations at the church.

Elevator Shaft

Ken installed WaterGuard drainage system and a CleanSpace vapor barrier around the bottom of the elevator shaft. They replaced the old sump pump with a SmartSump with WaterWatch alarm and made sure that it was discharged correctly. 


Ken returned to the church two years later to fix the basement space. He installed WaterGuard drainage system and CleanSpace vapor barrier around the perimeter of that room as well. He added a TripleSafe sump pump with battery back-up that will take away any water entering that space.

Ken placed a Sani-Dry Dehumidifier to filter any moisture out of the air.

The church has had a completely dry basement since our repairs!

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