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A Baker's Waterproofing Repair Case Study

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Homeowners in Saint Clairsville, OH have been experiencing water in their basement since 1978. They have been constantly cleaning up water every time it rained. This issue caused some wood rot as well. They decided to give Baker’s Waterproofing a call to set up a free inspection and estimate.

Our certified waterproofing specialist Greg inspected the home and found that water and water vapor was seeping through one wall in the basement.

During his inspection, Greg recommended our complete basement waterproofing system. The homeowners goal was to refinish their basement to gain that usable space back and store their personal belongings without the worry of flooding water.

The homeowners liked our system, including our vapor barrier that will allow them to safely refinish the basement walls and shelving and not worry about moisture.


The finishing materials were cut as deemed necessary for us to complete the waterproofing work. The homeowners also had their items moved about 10 feet away from the wall before our crew arrived at the property.

Immediately upon arrival, our crew dug a small perimeter trench down to the footer to install 42 feet of our below-floor WaterGuard drain. They dug a small sump pit to place our TripleSafe sump liner and pumps to take the flooding water away from the home. The TripleSafe system includes 1 primary pump, 1 secondary pump, and 1 UltraSump battery backup pump.

Theron and his crew used small white fasteners to mechanically secure 42 feet of our bright, white CleanSpace vapor barrier onto the basement walls. CleanSpace stops water, water vapor, and humidity from passing through, a great solution for any future plans to refinish the basement walls.

On the exterior of the home, our crew dug a few inches below the ground to install 15 feet of buried downspout extensions to take the sump water and drain it far away from the home’s foundation.

With this new waterproofing system, the homeowners have a dry basement and no longer have to deal with water coming through the foundation. And now it’s time for their refinishing project in this usable and more comfortable living space.

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